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Dark, bitter-tasting nectar functions as a filter of flower visitors in a bird-pollinated plant.
Floral nectar is offered by plants to animals as a reward for pollination. While nectar is typically a clear liquid containing sugar and trace amounts of amino acids, colored nectar has evolved inExpand
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The comparative biodiversity of seven globally important wetlands: a synthesis
Abstract.The species diversity data of seven globally important wetlands (Canadian peatlands, Florida Everglades, Pantanal, Okavango Delta, Sundarban, Tonle Sap, and Kakadu National Park) wereExpand
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Error bounds for exponential approximations of geometric convolutions
Abstract : This paper defines Y sub 0 to be a geometric convolution of X if Y sub 0 is the sum of N sub 0 i.i.d. random variables distributed as X, where N sub 0 is geometrically distributed andExpand
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Penal Culture and Hyperincarceration: The Revival of the Prison
What are the various forces influencing the role of the prison in late modern societies? What changes have there been in penality and use of the prison over the past 40 years that have led to theExpand
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Anthropogenic debris in the nests of kelp gulls in South Africa.
Anthropogenic debris results in detrimental interactions with many marine species. Several seabirds include debris items in their nests, which can lead to entanglement of chicks and adults, resultingExpand
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A second-order approximation for the variance of a renewal reward process
Let {C(t), t [greater-or-equal, slanted] 0} be a renewal reward process. We obtain the approximation Var C(t) = ct + d + o(1), and explicitly identify c and d.
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Sugar preferences and digestive efficiency in an opportunistic avian nectarivore, the Dark-capped Bulbul Pycnonotus tricolor
It has recently been recognized that flowers pollinated by generalist opportunistic nectarivores tend to have different nectar properties to those pollinated by specialist nectarivores (includingExpand
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Renewal processes with increasing mean residual life and decreasing failure rate interarrival time distributions are investigated. Various two-sided bounds are obtained for M(t), the expected numberExpand
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Pollination of the red hot poker Kniphofia caulescens by short-billed opportunistic avian nectarivores
Abstract Recent studies indicate that short-billed birds which visit flowers opportunistically for nectar are important pollinators of African plants and select for floral characteristics which areExpand
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Concentration-Dependent Sugar Preferences of the Malachite Sunbird (Nectarinia famosa)
ABSTRACT. Sugar-type preferences of nectarivores may be an important selective factor in the evolution of sugar composition in floral nectar. We investigated sugar preferences of the MalachiteExpand
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