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Effect of jar shape on high-energy planetary ball milling efficiency: Simulations and experiments
Abstract Enhanced comminution in a planetary ball mill was achieved by suitably re-designing the jar shape. Compared with a traditional cylindrical vial of circular cross-section, the new jar wasExpand
Modeling of the planetary ball-milling process: The case study of ceramic powders
Abstract A numerical dynamic-mechanical model of a planetary ball-mill is developed to study the dependence of process efficiency on milling parameters like ball size and number, jar geometry andExpand
Homogeneity of ball milled ceramic powders: Effect of jar shape and milling conditions
This paper contains data and supporting information of and complementary to the research article entitled “Effect of jar shape on high-energy planetary ball milling efficiency: simulations andExpand
The Notched Stick, an ancient vibrot example
An intriguing simple toy, commonly known as the Notched Stick, is discussed as an example of a “vibrot”, a device designed and built to yield conversion of mechanical vibrations into a rotationalExpand
Numerical and experimental investigations on new jar designs for high efficiency planetary ball milling
Abstract The internal shape of planetary ball mill jars was modified to increase the efficiency of the milling process. Four new jar designs are presented, where obstacles on the surface of aExpand
Effect of High-Energy Milling on the Dissolution of Anti-HIV Drug Efavirenz in Different Solvents
The anti-HIV drug efavirenz (EFV) displays low and variable bioavailability because of its poor aqueous solubility. Ball milling is a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditionalExpand
Progressive instability in circular masonry columns
Abstract The instability behaviour of eccentrically loaded circular masonry columns is investigated. Two approaches are considered for the analysis. One is based on a semi-analytical formulation ofExpand
Corrigendum to “Modeling of the planetary ball-milling process: The case study of ceramic powders” [J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 36 (9) (2016) 2205–2212]
Department of Civil, Environmental & Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento, via Mesiano, 77, 38123 Trento, Italy Department of Civil, Environmental & Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory ofExpand
Modelling of high-energy grinding processes
The comminution and tuning of several structural parameters of materials is often accomplished following a top-down route by high energy grinding. The reduced size of the particles constituting theExpand
Ultrasonically assisted drilling in marble
Ultrasonically assisted drilling (UAD) is a non-traditional machining process that employs the vibration of a cutting tool. It offers a better alternative and solution to the challenges of drillingExpand