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Whole Language or Phonics: Improving Language Instruction through General Semantics
TWO STRATEGIES have dominated reading instruction in the United States: whole language and phonics. Expand
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Fear and Trembling in the American High School
This article reports findings from a two-year case study of teachers in a single public high school. Data were gathered and analyzed using a conceptual framework that conceived of alienation as a setExpand
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How Does a Muslim Teacher Fit? One Teacher's Journey Into and Out of the American Public School System
This comparative case study explored a Muslim teacher's experience in 2 different types of schools: a public school and an Islamic private school. A conceptual framework guided the inquiry, which wasExpand
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Islam and educational leadership: advancing new spaces for dialogue and understanding
As existing educational leadership thought is principally grounded in western Judeo-Christian beliefs and values, it is important to consider Islam as it relates to educational leadership and the e...
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School principals in Southern Thailand
This article reports findings from a case study of school principals in Southern Thailand who work in areas targeted by Muslim separatist groups. Data were gathered and analyzed using a conceptualExpand
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Culturally Relevant Leadership: Advancing Critical Consciousness in American Muslim Students
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore how leaders in an Islamic school in the United States engaged in culturally relevant leadership (CRL) within a diverse school community to developExpand
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Culturally (ir)relevant school leadership: Ethno-religious conflict and school administration in the Philippines
ABSTRACT Culturally relevant school leaders help establish and nurture school cultures that support the academic and social success of all students. Yet, some school leaders are not culturallyExpand
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Islamic school leadership: a conceptual framework
ABSTRACT It is urgent that education scholars explore how Islamic values shape (and are shaped by) Muslim school leader beliefs, given the heightened anti-Muslim sentiment present in westernExpand
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The challenges to and the need for international research in educational leadership
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is twofold: to discuss methodological challenges facing US scholars when conducting international research; and to present personal reflections as educationalExpand
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