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Etomoxir Actions on Regulatory and Memory T Cells Are Independent of Cpt1a-Mediated Fatty Acid Oxidation.
T cell subsets including effector (Teff), regulatory (Treg), and memory (Tmem) cells are characterized by distinct metabolic profiles that influence their differentiation and function. PreviousExpand
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Targeting DnaN for tuberculosis therapy using novel griselimycins
New for old—TB drug development Tuberculosis (TB) is a global health threat for which there is only lengthy drug treatment. Patients need to consume multiple tablets over several months andExpand
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Labyrinthopeptins: a new class of carbacyclic lantibiotics.
Lantibiotics are peptides that are ribosomally synthesized from bacteria such as staphylococci, lactobacilli, and actinomycetes. The common structural characteristic of lantibiotics is theExpand
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Antiviral drug discovery: broad-spectrum drugs from nature.
Covering: up to April 2014. The development of drugs with broad-spectrum antiviral activities is a long pursued goal in drug discovery. It has been shown that blocking co-opted host-factors abrogatesExpand
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The Lantibiotic Peptide Labyrinthopeptin A1 Demonstrates Broad Anti-HIV and Anti-HSV Activity with Potential for Microbicidal Applications
Lantibiotics are peptides, produced by bacteria, that contain the noncanonical amino acid lanthionine and many of them exhibit antibacterial activities. The labyrinthopeptin A1 (LabyA1) is aExpand
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Absolute quantification strategies in proteomics based on mass spectrometry
  • M. Broenstrup
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Expert review of proteomics
  • 1 December 2004
The strong need for quantitative information in proteomics has fueled the development of mass spectrometry-based analytical methods that are able to determine protein abundances. This article reviewsExpand
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Gold(I) NHC Complexes: Antiproliferative Activity, Cellular Uptake, Inhibition of Mammalian and Bacterial Thioredoxin Reductases, and Gram-Positive Directed Antibacterial Effects.
Gold complexes with N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands represent a promising class of metallodrugs for the treatment of cancer or infectious diseases. In this report, the synthesis and theExpand
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Heterologous expression and engineering studies of labyrinthopeptins, class III lantibiotics from Actinomadura namibiensis.
Labyrinthopeptins are class III lantibiotics produced by the actinomycete Actinomadura namibiensis. The most characteristic structural feature is the posttranslationally installed triamino triacidExpand
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Soraphen A: A broad-spectrum antiviral natural product with potent anti-hepatitis C virus activity.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Soraphen A (SorA) is a myxobacterial metabolite that inhibits the acetyl-CoA carboxylase, a key enzyme in lipid biosynthesis. We have previously identified SorA to efficientlyExpand
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Industrial natural product chemistry for drug discovery and development.
Covering: up to March 2013. In addition to their prominent role in basic biological and chemical research, natural products are a rich source of commercial products for the pharmaceutical and otherExpand
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