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Lexico-Logical Form: A Radically Minimalist Theory
Part 1 Chains and move alpha: transformations and full interpretation explaining the MTC lexico-logical form minimalist theories the status of D-structure "LF-movement" in the LLF theory. Part 2Expand
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Issues in ecosystem valuation: improving information for decision making
In Spring 1991, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency convened an expert group of ecologists, economists and other social scientists for the purpose of advancing the state of the art of ecosystemExpand
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Mirror Theory: Syntactic Representation in Perfect Syntax
  • M. Brody
  • Mathematics
  • Linguistic Inquiry
  • 2000
In the better-developed sciences it is the departures from symmetry rather than the symmetries that are typically taken to be in need of explanation. Mirror theory is an attempt to look at some ofExpand
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Learning in nature
This paper traces the evolution of a theory of learning in nature in order to explain how people learn in natural settings. The intellectual roots of the theory in informal learning, cognition,Expand
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An Assessment of 4th-, 8th-, and 11th-Grade Students' Environmental Science Knowledge Related to Oregon's Marine Resources
  • M. Brody
  • Environmental Science, Geology
  • 1 April 1996
Abstract This study assessed 4th-, 8th-, and 11th-grade students' understanding of science concepts related to Oregon's marine resources. A sample of public school students (N = 159) in nine OregonExpand
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Student science knowledge related to ecological crises
This paper reports on 4th, 8th and 11th grade students’ understanding of science and natural resource concepts related to current ecological crises. Public school students (N=467) in (N=41) publicExpand
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Projection and Phrase Structure
  • M. Brody
  • Mathematics
  • Linguistic Inquiry
  • 1 July 1998
Perfect Syntax dispenses with the idea of externally forced imperfections in syntax. This article presents a system of principles relating (L) LF representations and lexical items that aims to beExpand
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Overt Scope in Hungarian
The focus of this paper is the syntax of inverse scope in Hungarian, a language that largely disambiguates quantifier scope at Spell–Out. Inverse scope is attributed to alternate orderings ofExpand
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Student Understanding of Water and Water Resources: A Review of the Literature.
  • M. Brody
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 April 1993
This paper reviews the educational research related to student understanding uf water and water resources. The literature is drawn primarily from science and environmental education literature and isExpand
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