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Simulations of the consequences of tongue surgery on tongue mobility: implications for speech production in post‐surgery conditions
We studied the ability of a three‐dimensional (3D) biomechanical model of the oral cavity to predict the consequences of tongue surgery on tongue movements, according to the size and location of theExpand
Three-dimensional imaging, an important factor of decision in breast augmentation.
It is demonstrated that 3D simulation is actually useful for patients in order to envisage a breast augmentation, but it should be used as a complement to the classic method of trying different sized breast implants in the bra. Expand
Incidence of occult contralateral carcinomas of the breast following mastoplasty aimed at symmetrization.
Incidence of occult contralateral breast carcinomas after symmetrization CRM approximates 1%, which is greater than in mammaplasty carried out for esthetic or functional reasons; this is probably due to the higher age and the previous breast cancer history of the breast reconstruction population. Expand
Diagnostic antnatal desRICH ( rapidly involuting congenital hemangiomas )
Most congenital hemangiomas detected at antenatal ultrasonography, due to their cephalic localization and their size (up to 10 cm) are RICH, which regress rapidly while the size of malignant tumors increases. Expand
Satisfaction and complications after lower body lift with autologous gluteal augmentation by island fat flap: 55 case series over 3 years.
Despite a high complication rate, the majority of patients confirmed that they would opt for this procedure again, showing an improvement in their quality of life with an aesthetic and functional benefit. Expand
[Postoperative quality of life of patients with a bacterial necrotizing dermis-hypodermitis or necrotizing fasciitis, a ten-year study].
It is found that multiple surgical excisions, an advanced age of patients and E. coli infections have been associated with poor QOL, and the mortality rate increased in relation with the importance of excised body surface. Expand
Liposuction-Assisted Medial Brachioplasty after Massive Weight Loss: An Efficient Procedure with a High Functional Benefit
Liposuction-assisted medial brachioplasty is a safe and efficient technique that offers a functional benefit with a low nonaesthetic complication rate and the majority of patients would undergo this intervention again because of an important satisfaction rate and improvement in quality of life. Expand
Occult cancer in specimens of reduction mammaplasty aimed at symmetrization. A multicentric study of 2718 patients.
The CRMc group had significantly more initial mammary cancers of invasive lobular carcinoma and ductal carcinoma in situ than the healthy CRM group and a salvage lumpectomy may be proposed as an option when margins are invaded. Expand
New TASER injuries: lacrimal canaliculus laceration and ethmoid bone fracture.
A case of lacrimal canaliculus laceration and ethmoid bone fracture caused by an extra penetration (XP) TASER X26 dart, subdued with a TASer head shot, is reported. Expand