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Monitoring of cellular behaviour by impedance measurements on interdigitated electrode structures.
A new method for on-line and real-time monitoring of concentration, growth and physiological state of cells in culture is described. This biosensor is based on impedance measurements of adherentlyExpand
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Microelectronic sensor system for microphysiological application on living cells
Abstract Living cells can be considered as complex biochemical plants. Biochemical and biophysical processes enable a cell to maintain itself, to grow, to reproduce and to communicate with theExpand
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Simultaneous measurement of cellular respiration and acidification with a single CMOS ISFET.
In vivo, the pH value and oxygen partial pressure are the most important physico-chemical parameters in the microenvironment of human tissues. In vitro, the extracellular acidification rate of cellExpand
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Monitoring of cellular signalling and metabolism with modular sensor-technique: the PhysioControl-Microsystem (PCM).
We present a modular arrangement of various planar and non-planar sensor elements surrounding small cell culture chambers for noninvasive analysis of cell and tissue cultures. Expand
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Non-invasive measurement of cell membrane associated proton gradients by ion-sensitive field effect transistor arrays for microphysiological and bioelectronical applications.
The pH in the cellular microenvironment (pH(M)) is an important regulator of cell-to-cell and cell-to-host interactions. Additionally the extracellular acidification rate of a cell culture is anExpand
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Approach to a multiparametric sensor-chip-based tumor chemosensitivity assay
Although not widely practiced by oncologists, in vitro tumor chemosensitivity assays (TCA) have proved to increase the lifetime of tumor patients in prospective clinical trials. By individualizingExpand
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Multiparametric microsensor chips for screening applications
Our efforts are focused to the parallel development, adaptation and integration of different microelectronic sensors into miniaturized biochips for a multiparametric, functional on-line analysis of living cells in physiologically environments. Expand
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Intelligent Mobile Lab for Metabolics in Environmental Monitoring
Abstract The flexible and modular setup of an intelligent mobile lab (IMOLA) that can be equipped with biosensor chips for monitoring of cellular metabolism is described. An application as anExpand
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Impedance sensor technology for cell-based assays in the framework of a high-content screening system.
This paper demonstrates how this hazard is treated with the simulation of microfluidics and impedance measurements and its system integration as a modular unit. Expand
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Label-free monitoring of whole cell vitality
The Intelligent Mobile Lab (IMOLA) delivers metabolic and morphological parameters of living cells in a label-free and real time way. Expand
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