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Patterns of fluid flow in the contact aureole of the Late Miocene Monte Capanne pluton (Elba Island, Italy): the role of structures and rheology
Fluid–rock interaction was investigated in the inner aureole of the Late Miocene Monte Capanne pluton on Elba Island (Tuscany, central Italy) by integrating structural, petrological, fluid inclusion,
White marble sculptures from the National Museum of Roman Art (Mérida, Spain): sources of local and imported marbles
This contribution reports the results of the archaeometric study of 51 marble sculptures and decorative elements from the capital of Roman Lusitania , Augusta Emerita (Merida, Spain). These artefacts
Using GIS for modelling the impact of current climate trend on the recharge area of the S. Susanna spring (central Apennines, Italy)
Though the S. Susanna spring system is one of the biggest water sources in the central Apennines, its hydrogeological dynamics have been scarcely investigated. This study tried to clarify some of the