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Dynamics of Polymeric Liquids
Vol 1: Fluid Mechanics pp xv + 470 price £22 Vol 2: Kinetic Theory pp xiii + 471–727 price £20 R Byron Bird, Robert C Armstrong and Ole Hassager Chichester: J Wiley 1977 These two volumes set out in
A Modern Course in Statistical Physics
L E Reichl 1980 Austin: University of Texas Press xii + 709 pp price $29.95 I can thoroughly recommend this book and congratulate the author for having brought together so many aspects of statistical
Classical Electrodynamics (2nd edn)
J D Jackson Chichester: J Wiley 1975 pp xxii + 848 price £10.75 The present edition of this now classic text offers substantial refinements and improvements over the first edition and includes some
NMR transverse relaxation function calculated for constrained polymer chains: application to entanglements and networks
A general method is presented for calculating the NMR transverse relaxation function due to dipolar interactions between a spin pair, rigidly attatched to a constrained polymer chain. A direct
An exact expression for the transverse nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation of a dynamic scale invariant polymer chain governed by a single relaxation time
An exact analytic calculation of the transverse nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxation function, due to dipolar interactions, is presented for a polymer chain considered at the scale invariant
NMR study of the molecular anisotropy induced in a strained rubber network
The splitting seen in the NMR line shape obtained from deformed networks has been cited as evidence of short-range orientational interactions between segments belonging to different chains. It is
Synergetics: An Introduction – Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Self–Organisation in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
H Haken Berlin: Springer 1977 pp xii + 325 price $31.70 Synergetics, according to Professor Haken, is the study of how component subsystems can interact to produce structure and coherent motion on a
Stochastic Problems in Dynamics
B L Clarkson et al (eds) London: Pitman 1978 pp 566 price £12 This book contains the edited proceedings of a symposium of the same title held at the University of Southampton in 1976, sponsored by