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The incentives for voluntary audit committee formation
Abstract This study uses an agency theory framework to analyze the incentives for voluntary formation of audit committees. Empirical variables are chosen to proxy for costs of conflicts of interestExpand
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Board Characteristics, Audit Committee Characteristics and Abnormal Accruals
This paper examines the relation between governance (as measured by board and audit committee characteristics) and accounting quality (as measured by abnormal accruals) in a setting where there is noExpand
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Empirical Evidence on the Corporate Use of Derivatives
Theory indicates that hedging can increase firm value by reducing expected taxes, expected costs of financial distress, and other agency costs. Prior research, based on survey data, has found onlyExpand
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: This paper reports on the voluntary financial disclosure of segment data by New Zealand companies and relates the extent of quantified segment disclosure to firm-specific characteristics. TheExpand
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Business analysis and valuation : using financial statements
This text is divided into concise learning parts that cover both the why and how of accounting. The text introduces and develops a framework for business analysis and valuation using financialExpand
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An international comparison of derivatives use
Derivative instruments are one of the hottest topics in corporate finance. Undoubtedly, public interest has been raised by the publicity surrounding losses on derivatives transactions. PractitionersExpand
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Rules, Principles and Judgments in Accounting Standards
The distinction between rules-based and principles-based standards is not well defined and is subject to a variety of interpretations (SEC, 2003, p. 5). Yet there is a commonly held view that theExpand
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The Accuracy of Price-Earnings and Discounted Cash Flow Methods of IPO Equity Valuation
This paper compares estimates of value derived from conventional discounted cash flow and price earnings valuation methods to the market price. For a sample of 45 firms newly listed on the NewExpand
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Capitalizing Non-cancelable Operating Leases
There have been recent international moves to require the capitalization of non-cancelable operating leases. Most prior research on the constructive capitalization of leases has been undertaken on USExpand
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Derivative financial instrument use in Australia
This paper examines the relation between derivatives use and financial characteristics of Australian industrial and mining firms. The firm characteristics proxy for financial distress, tax losses,Expand
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