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Short communication: reference values for blood parameters in Holstein dairy cows: effects of parity, stage of lactation, and season of production.
The outcomes of this work will improve the accuracy of the biochemical profile as a tool for dairy practitioners to assess the metabolic status of lactating Holstein cows. Expand
Prevalence of respiratory disorders in veal calves and potential risk factors.
Assessment of in vivo and postmortem prevalence of respiratory disorders in veal calves in Europe found that even mild clinical signs of respiratory disorder in calves at specific time points during the fattening period may be associated with high prevalence of lungs with lesions at slaughter. Expand
Prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders recorded at postmortem inspection in white veal calves and associated risk factors.
Independent variables related to the feeding system confirmed to be the main risk factors for the occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders in veal calves, and additional risk sources for each given problem were identified among housing and management variables. Expand
Short communication: Reference limits for blood analytes in Holstein late-pregnant heifers and dry cows: Effects of parity, days relative to calving, and season.
The reference limits and the 95% confidence intervals for blood analytes determined in the study could help dairy practitioners to improve the accuracy of metabolic profile interpretation in Holstein late-pregnant cattle. Expand
Can novel methods be useful for pain assessment of castrated piglets?
In castrated piglets behavioural and physiological alterations occur mainly in the first 3 h from treatment, and eye temperature appear to give additional and useful information in piglet pain assessment. Expand
Dehorning of cattle in the EU Member States: A quantitative survey of the current practices
A survey was carried out to describe the extent and current practice of cattle disbudding/dehorning in the EU Member States. Disbudding was defined as removal of horns in calves of up to 2 months ofExpand
Main critical factors affecting the welfare of beef cattle and veal calves raised under intensive rearing systems in Italy: a review
Abstract This review describes the principal causes of poor welfare in beef cattle and veal calves raised in intensive husbandry systems in Italy. Nowadays there are no specific regulations in forceExpand
Synthetic rubber surface as an alternative to concrete to improve welfare and performance of finishing beef cattle reared on fully slatted flooring.
Further evidence is given about the positive effects of the RS floor on growth performance and welfare of finishing beef cattle, although compromising cleanliness and hoof overgrowth. Expand
Hot environment also affected beef cattle social behaviour increasing agonistic interactions and mounts among penmates, and since heat stress affected bulls behaviour impairing their welfare, the adoption of cooling devices should be recommended. Expand
Assessment of finishing beef cattle mortality in a sustainable farming perspective
It could be concluded that the avoidance of rearing specialized French beef breeds, of using fully slatted floor and of importing young cattle during warm seasons could be considered as preventive measures to reduce the risk of mortality in intensive beef cattle farms. Expand