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Fluid–metasedimentary rock interactions in subduction-zone mélange: Implications for the chemical composition of arc magmas
Elevated concentrations of certain large ion lithophile elements (LILE; e.g., Ba, K, Rb, Cs, Ca, Sr), U, and Pb in arc magmas relative to high field strength elements (HFSE; e.g., Ti, Th, Hf, Nb, Zr)Expand
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New Age Constraints on the Metamorphic Evolution of the High‐Pressure/Low‐Temperature Belt in the Western Tianshan Mountains, NW China
The western Tianshan high‐pressure/low‐temperature orogenic belt in NW China contains eclogite‐facies metavolcanic rocks and omphacite‐bearing blueschists. Previous Sm‐Nd (omphacite, garnet,Expand
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40Ar/39Ar and oxygen isotope studies of polymetamorphism from Tinos Island, Cycladic blueschist belt, Greece
Petrological, oxygen isotope and 40Ar/39Ar studies were used to constrain the Tertiary metamorphic evolution of the lower tectonic unit of the Cyclades on Tinos. Polyphase high-pressure metamorphismExpand
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Rb-Sr isotope studies on Tinos Island (Cyclades, Greece): additional time constraints for metamorphism, extent of infiltration-controlled overprinting and deformational activity
This study presents new Rb-Sr age data concerning the metamorphic evolution of the Attic- Cycladic Crystalline Belt which represents a complex polymetamorphic terrane within the Alpidic orogenic beltExpand
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Fluid influence on mineral reactions in ultrahigh-pressure granulites: a case study in the Śnieżnik Mts. (West Sudetes, Poland)
Abstract Small tectonic slices of undeformed eclogites and ultrahigh-pressure granulites occur in three tectonic units of the Śnieżnik Mts. (SW Poland). Ultrahigh-pressure granulite/eclogiteExpand
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Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism in the Śnieżnik Mountains (Sudetes, Poland): P-T Constraints and Geological Implications
The petrology and P-T conditions of eclogites and associated gneisses from the Śnieżnik Mountains (Sudetes, SW-Poland) were investigated to establish an exhumation path for these ultrahigh-pressureExpand
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Multiple origins of zircons in jadeitite
Jadeitites form from hydrothermal fluids during high pressure metamorphism in subduction environments; however, the origin of zircons in jadeitite is uncertain. We report ion microprobe analyses ofExpand
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Geochronological constraints on the timing of granitoid magmatism, metamorphism and post-metamorphic cooling in the Hercynian crustal cross-section of Calabria
Exposed cross-sections of the continental crust are a unique geological situation for crustal evolution studies, providing the possibility of deciphering the time relationships between magmatic andExpand
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Protolith Ages of Meta‐igneous and Metatuffaceous Rocks from the Cycladic Blueschist Unit, Greece: Results of a Reconnaissance U‐Pb Zircon Study
The Cycladic blueschist unit (CBU) in the central Aegean Sea comprises a pre‐Alpidic crystalline basement that is overlain by thrust sheets of a metamorphosed volcanosedimentary sequence. MélangesExpand
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The geological significance of 40Ar/39Ar and Rb–Sr white mica ages from Syros and Sifnos, Greece: a record of continuous (re)crystallization during exhumation?
The Attic-Cycladic crystalline belt in the central Aegean region records a complex structural and metamorphic evolution that documents Cenozoic subduction zone processes and exhumation. AExpand
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