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A Broadband Pattern Diversity Annular Slot Antenna
An annular slot antenna suitable for pattern diversity in wideband applications is presented. Pattern diversity is obtained by feeding the antenna simultaneously with two microstrip lines printed onExpand
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Design of a multimode MIMO antenna using characteristic modes
In this communication, the design procedure of a multimode Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna is presented. The antenna consists of a metallic ring antenna operating with differentExpand
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Tapered photonic bandgap microstrip lowpass filters: design and realisation
The application of tapering techniques to two-dimensional photonic bandgap (2D-PBG) microstrip structures allows great improvement in the sidelobe level of the S11 scattering parameter and,Expand
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Measurements and Simulations for On-Body Antenna Design and Propagation Studies
This paper overviews a number of research activities aimed at characterising and optimising transmission links on human body. Measurement of the channel path gain with practical antennas and computerExpand
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Design of an inverted F antenna by using a transmission line model
This paper presents a transmission line model used to design an inverted F antenna (IFA) at the frequency of 2.45 GHz. This model provides a quickly design of a printed F antenna antenna that can beExpand
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A tapered design of a CRLH-TL Leaky wave antenna
Recently composite right/left-handed (CRLH) leaky-wave antennas (LWAs) have been shown as one of the applications of the CRLH transmission line (TL) metamaterials thanks to their advantages ofExpand
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Multi-monopole model of man for SAR evaluations
We introduce a multi-element model of man exposed to a radiation field for evaluating the local specific absorption rate (SAR) distributions. Expand
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Simulation and Measurement of Dynamic On-Body Communication Channels
A study is presented of wireless on-body communication links, with the body in motion. Expand
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Design of an Efficient Pulsed Dy3+: ZBLAN Fiber Laser Operating in Gain Switching Regime
A time-dependent numerical model of a dysprosium-doped ZBLAN glass fiber is developed in order to design a pulsed laser emitting at about 3 <inline-formula><tex-math notation="LaTeX">$\muExpand
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Design of optical antenna for solar energy collection
In this paper, an antenna array is designed in order to transform the thermal energy, provided by the Sun and re-emitted from the Earth, in electricity. The proposed antenna array is constituted byExpand
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