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A three-dimensional constitutive model for the large stretch behavior of rubber elastic materials
Aconstitutive model is proposed for the deformation of rubber materials which is shown to represent successfully the response of these materials in uniaxial extension, biaxial extension, uniaxialExpand
Constitutive modeling of the large strain time-dependent behavior of elastomers
Abstract The mechanical behavior of elastomeric materials is known to be rate-dependent and to exhibit hysteresis upon cyclic loading. Although these features of the rubbery constitutive response areExpand
Large inelastic deformation of glassy polymers. part I: rate dependent constitutive model
Abstract Glassy polymers constitute a large class of engineering solids. In order to successfully analyze the warm (near the glass transition temperature) mechanical processes by which many glassyExpand
Mechanics of the rate-dependent elastic¿plastic deformation of glassy polymers from low to high strain rates
Abstract A combined experimental and analytical investigation has been performed to understand the mechanical behavior of two amorphous polymers—polycarbonate and poly(methyl methacrylate)—at strainExpand
Evolution of plastic anisotropy in amorphous polymers during finite straining
Abstract The large strain deformation response of amorphous polymers results primarily from orientation of the molecular chains within the polymeric material during plastic straining. MolecularExpand
Effects of strain rate, temperature and thermomechanical coupling on the finite strain deformation of glassy polymers
Abstract The effects of strain rate and temperature on the inelastic response of a glassy polymer have been studied. Deformation tests in uniaxial compression to strains of −1.0 were conducted onExpand
Constitutive models of rubber elasticity: A review
Abstract A review of constitutive models for the finite deformation response of rubbery materials is given. Several recent and classic statistical mechanics and continuum mechanics models ofExpand
Large inelastic deformation of glassy polymers
Stress–strain behavior of thermoplastic polyurethanes
Abstract The large strain nonlinear stress–strain behavior of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) exhibits strong hysteresis, rate dependence and softening. Thermoplastic polyurethanes are copolymersExpand
Mechanics of deformation of single- and multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Abstract An effective continuum/finite element (FE) approach for modeling the structure and the deformation of single- and multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is presented. Individual tubes areExpand