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Repeated burning of eastern tallgrass prairie increases richness and diversity, stabilizing late successional vegetation.
  • M. Bowles, M. D. Jones
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  • 1 March 2013
Understanding temporal effects of fire frequency on plant species diversity and vegetation structure is critical for managing tallgrass prairie (TGP), which occupies a mid-continental longitudinalExpand
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Two decades of low-severity prescribed fire increases soil nutrient availability in a Midwestern, USA oak (Quercus) forest
Abstract For the last 23 years, low-severity prescribed fire has been used to decrease shade and fire tolerant tree species, increase oak ( Quercus spp.), and increase herbaceous plant diversity inExpand
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Projecting the Success of Plant Population Restoration with Viability Analysis
Conserving viable populations of plant species requires that they have high probabilities of long-term persistence within natural habitats, such as a chance of extinction in 100 years of less than 5Expand
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Twenty-year Changes in Burned and Unburned Sand Prairie Remnants in Northwestern Illinois and Implications for Management
Abstract Few data are available that compare long-term changes in burned and unburned prairie remnants in the eastern part of the tallgrass prairie region. To assess effects on species richness andExpand
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The prairie fringed orchids: a pollinator-isolated species pair
Platanthera leucophaea comprend 2 especes differant par le mecanisme de pollinisation, la morphologie et la distribution geographique. Lectotypification de P.l. et diagnose de P. praeclara sp.nov.
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Protocorm mycobionts of the Federally threatened eastern prairie fringed orchid, Platanthera leucophaea (Nutt.) Lindley, and a technique to prompt leaf elongation in seedlings
A yet unresolved question in orchid biology is whether mycorrhizal fungi (= mycobionts) utilized as a carbon source by young seedlings (= protocorms) are different from those utilized by adultExpand
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Mycorrhizal Fungi and Cold-assisted Symbiotic Germination of the Federally Threatened Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid, Platanthera leucophaea (Nuttall) Lindley
Abstract The 70% decline of the Federally threatened eastern prairie fringed orchid, Platanthera leucophaea (Nuttall) Lindley, has prompted concern for its recovery through artificial propagation. WeExpand
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