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Grain Boundary Scars and Spherical Crystallography
We describe experimental investigations of the structure of two-dimensional spherical crystals. The crystals, formed by beads self-assembled on water droplets in oil, serve as model systems forExpand
Topology and dynamics of active nematic vesicles
Liquid crystals on a deformable substrate The orientation of the molecules in a liquid crystalline material will change in response to either changes in the substrate or an external field. This isExpand
Interacting topological defects on frozen topographies
We propose and analyze an effective free energy describing the physics of disclination defects in particle arrays constrained to move on an arbitrary two-dimensional surface. At finite temperatureExpand
Defect annihilation and proliferation in active nematics.
Liquid crystals inevitably possess topological defect excitations generated through boundary conditions, through applied fields, or in quenches to the ordered phase. In equilibrium, pairs of defectsExpand
Crystalline order on a sphere and the generalized Thomson problem.
We attack the generalized Thomson problem, i.e., determining the ground state energy and configuration of many particles interacting via an arbitrary repulsive pairwise potential on a sphere via aExpand
High-temperature strings
Abstract The microcanonical density of states for a weakly interacting gas of strings compactified on a torus is computed in the limit of large energy, taking into account conservation of windingExpand
The solution space of the unitary matrix model string equation and the Sato Grassmannian
The space of all solutions to the string equation of the symmetric unitary one-matrix model is determined. It is shown that the string equation is equivalent to simple conditions on pointsV1 andV2 inExpand
Two-dimensional matter: order, curvature and defects
Many systems in nature and the synthetic world involve ordered arrangements of units on two-dimensional surfaces. We review here the fundamental role payed by both the topology of the underlyingExpand
Universal scaling of the tail of the density of eigenvalues in random matrix models
Abstract Large random matrices have eigenvalue density distributions limited to a finite support. Near the endpoint of the support, when the size N of the matrices is large, one can study a scalingExpand
Direct visualization of dislocation dynamics in grain-boundary scars
Mesoscale objects with unusual structural features may serve as the analogues of atoms in the design of larger-scale materials with novel optical, electronic or mechanical behaviour. In this paper weExpand