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The acquisition of complex sentences
Disclosed is a rope container having upper and lower frustoconical-shaped sections releasably coupled at their diverging ends. Expand
Learning to express motion events in English and Korean: The influence of language-specific lexicalization patterns
English and Korean differ in how they lexicalize the components of motion events. English characteristically conflates Motion with Manner, Cause, or Deixis, and expresses Path separately. Korean, inExpand
Can language restructure cognition? The case for space
Frames of reference are coordinate systems used to compute and specify the location of objects with respect to other objects. These have long been thought of as innate concepts, built into ourExpand
Early Syntactic Development: A Cross-Linguistic Study with Special Reference to Finnish
1. Introduction 2. Data collection 3. The pivot grammar approach 4. Early stage1 speech 5. Late stage 1 speech 6. problems with the transformational grammar approach 7. The case grammar approach 8. Appendices. Expand