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On Linear Variational Surface Deformation Methods
This survey reviews the recent advances in linear variational mesh deformation techniques. These methods were developed for editing detailed high-resolution meshes like those produced by scanningExpand
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Feature sensitive surface extraction from volume data
The representation of geometric objects based on volumetric data structures has advantages in many geometry processing applications that require, e.g., fast surface interrogation or booleanExpand
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Polygon Mesh Processing
Preface * Surface Representations Surface Definition and Properties Approximation Power Parametric Surface Representations Implicit Surface Representations Conversion Methods Summary and FurtherExpand
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PriMo: coupled prisms for intuitive surface modeling
We present a new method for 3D shape modeling that achieves intuitive and robust deformations by emulating physically plausible surface behavior inspired by thin shells and plates. The surface meshExpand
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An intuitive framework for real-time freeform modeling
We present a freeform modeling framework for unstructured triangle meshes which is based on constraint shape optimization. The goal is to simplify the user interaction even for quite complex freeformExpand
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Efficient High Quality Rendering of Point Sampled Geometry
We propose a highly efficient hierarchical representation for point sampled geometry that automatically balances sampling density and point coordinate quantization. The representation is very compactExpand
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Robust Articulated‐ICP for Real‐Time Hand Tracking
We present a robust method for capturing articulated hand motions in realtime using a single depth camera. Our system is based on a realtime registration process that accurately reconstructs handExpand
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High-quality surface splatting on today's GPUs
Point-based geometries evolved into a valuable alternative to surface representations based on polygonal meshes, because of their conceptual simplicity and superior flexibility. Elliptical surfaceExpand
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A remeshing approach to multiresolution modeling
Providing a thorough mathematical foundation, multiresolution modeling is the standard approach for global surface deformations that preserve fine surface details in an intuitive and plausibleExpand
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Example‐Driven Deformations Based on Discrete Shells
Despite the huge progress made in interactive physics‐based mesh deformation, manipulating a geometrically complex mesh or posing a detailed character is still a tedious and time‐consuming task.Expand
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