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Commercial production of microalgae: ponds, tanks, tubes and fermenters
A helical tubular photobioreactor system, the BIOCOIL™, has been developed which allows these algae to be grown reliably outdoors at high cell densities in semi-continuous culture.
High-value products from microalgae—their development and commercialisation
This paper briefly reviews the main existing and potential high-value products which can be derived from microalgae and considers their commercial development with a particular focus on the various aspects which need to be considered on the path to commercialisation.
Micro-algal biotechnology.
The taxonomy of the genus Dunaliella (Chlorophyta, Dunaliellales) with emphasis on the marine and halophilic species
The variability, stability and usefulness of the main characters used to characterise the taxa are evaluated, based both on the literature and on a detailed examination of the Dunaliella strains in the Murdoch University Microalgae Culture Collection.
Microalgae as sources of pharmaceuticals and other biologically active compounds
The microalgae are particularly attractive as natural sources of bioactive molecules since these algae have the potential to produce these compounds in culture which enables the production of structurally complex molecules which are difficult or impossible to produce by chemical synthesis.
The long-term culture of the coccolithophore Pleurochrysis carterae (Haptophyta) in outdoor raceway ponds
A comparison of the growth of P. carterae and Dunaliella salina in the raceway ponds showed no significant differences between these two species with regard to areal total dry weight productivity and lipid content.
Sustainable biofuels from algae
The issue of sustainability of commercial-scale microalgae production of biofuels with particular focus on land, water, nutrients (N and P) and CO2 requirements is discussed and some of the key issues in the very large scale culture ofmicroalgae which is required for biofuel production are highlighted.
Microalgae for aquaculture: Opportunities and constraints
This paper will review the main problems and constraints faced by aquaculturalists in algal production and will consider the main advances being made to improve algal supply for aquaculture.
An economic and technical evaluation of microalgal biofuels
To evaluate claims and provide an accurate analysis of the potential of microalgal biofuel systems, industrial feasibility studies and sensitivity analyses based on peer-reviewed data and industrial expertise are conducted.