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Clinical and economic outcomes of pharmacist recommendations in a Veterans Affairs medical center.
Pharmacist recommendations and their clinical and economic outcomes in a Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center were studied. The first 600 pharmacist recommendations that met study criteria wereExpand
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Determining vancomycin clearance in an overweight and obese population.
PURPOSE Two methods of calculating vancomycin clearance were compared to determine the best body weight measure to use when dosing vancomycin for overweight and obese patients. METHODS HospitalizedExpand
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Improving Medication Safety in the ICU: The Pharmacist's Role
Purpose The clinical impact of a critical care pharmacist in reducing medication errors in the intensive care unit (ICU) setting was evaluated. Methods The study was divided into two 8-week phases:Expand
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Provider and pharmacist responses to warfarin drug-drug interaction alerts: a study of healthcare downstream of CPOE alerts
OBJECTIVE To categorize the appropriateness of provider and pharmacist responses to warfarin critical drug-drug interaction (cDDI) alerts, assess responses and actions to the cDDI, and determine theExpand
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Vancomycin pharmacokinetics in middle-aged and elderly men.
A study was conducted to establish new values for vancomycin volume of distribution (V) and clearance (CL) that would result in more accurate predictions of serum vancomycin concentrations (SVCs).Expand
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Comparing two predictive methods for determining serum vancomycin concentrations at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
PURPOSE Two predictive methods for determining serum vancomycin concentrations (SVCs) at a Veterans Affairs medical center were compared. METHODS The data for inpatients at the San FranciscoExpand
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Value of Pharmacist Medication Interviews on Optimizing the Electronic Medication Reconciliation Process
Purpose Few studies have explored the impact of using different methods for obtaining accurate medication histories on medication safety. This study was conducted to compare the accuracy and clinicalExpand
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Vancomycin clearance in overweight and obese patients
Dr. Nix and colleagues suggest that ideal body weight (IBW) + (0.15 × excess weight) should be used to estimate volume ( V ) and cite studies of morbidly obese patients weighing >90% overExpand