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Integration of ethnobotany and phytochemistry. dream or reality?
The major challenge of this paper comprises an attempt to compare the wealth of folk-information based on "traditional knowledge" with the efficacy of a chemo-biological background based onExpand
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Trends of plant use by humans and nonhuman primates in Amazonia
Analyses of plant use in Amazonia by three species of nonhuman primates reveal a common trend: more primitive plant species are used as food. An identical situation prevails for three indigenousExpand
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Review Article Number 132 Evolution of Angiosperms via Modulation of Antagonisms
The controversies concerning the evolutionary mechanisms of flowering plants continue unabated in spite of the current trends toward the analysis of macromolecular data and of the growing body ofExpand
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Steroids, taxonomic markers?
The use of steroids as taxonomic markers of the angiosperms was evaluated. To this end evolutionary advancement parameters, based on oxidation state and skeletal specialization of each steroid wereExpand
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Medicinal products: regulation of biosynthesis in space and time.
We live in a "Demon-Haunted World". Human health care requires the ever increasing resistance of pathogens to be confronted by a correspondingly fast rate of discovery of novel antibiotics. One ofExpand
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Biosynthetic interdependence of lignins and secondary metabolites in angiosperms
Abstract The morphology and metabolism of angiosperms are connected to lignin production. Morphology depends on the structure of genetically controlled cellulose templates for lignin deposition;Expand
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Biodiversity: modelling angiosperms as networks.
In the neotropics, one of the last biological frontiers, the major ecological concern should not involve local strategies, but global effects often responsible for irreparable damage. For a holisticExpand
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Quantitative chemo-biology: A chemical paradigm to understand biological phenomena
While Physical Chemistry arose as a multidisciplinary approach necessary to describe matter, Chemo-Biology became a novel interdisciplinary effort to understand life. However, this endeavour requiresExpand
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