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MAMMALS IN PORTUGAL: A data set of terrestrial, volant, and marine mammal occurrences in Portugal.
Mammals are threatened worldwide, with ca. 26% of all species being included in the IUCN threatened categories. This overall pattern is primarily associated to habitat loss or degradation, and human
Physic-chemical evaluation of leach and water from the Borba Gato streamlet within the catchment area of the urban waste landfill of Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil
The physic-chemical characteristics of leach deposited in the landfill waste pond and of water from the Borba Gato streamlet are evaluated. Twenty-six physic-chemical parameters were analyzed from
1243Quantitative risk-benefit assessment of fish and seafood consumption scenarios to support recommendations
This study aims to quantify the health impact of hypothetical scenarios of fish/seafood consumption through a risk-benefit assessment and provide support for recommendations, using Portuguese food consumption data.
Quantitative risk-benefit assessment of Portuguese fish and other seafood species consumption scenarios.
The findings support a recommendation to increase fish/seafood consumption up to 7 times/week, however, for pregnant women and children, special considerations must be proposed to avoid potential risks on foetal neurodevelopment due to methylmercury exposure.