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Phagotrophy by a flagellate selects for colonial prey: A possible origin of multicellularity
Self-replicating, stable colonies of Chlorella vulgaris that retained the eight-celled form indefinitely in continuous culture and when plated onto agar were virtually immune to predation by the flagellate. Expand
Population dynamics of food‐limited rotifers in two‐stage chemostat culture1,2
Although most observations are qualitatively similar to data from heterotrophic microbial chemostat studies, a close fit to the rotifer steady state observations was obtained only when K was assumed to be variable rather than constant and Numerical simulations of the same model only approximately reproduced transient data. Expand
Variations in Sediment Accumulation Rates and the Flux of Labile Organic Matter in Eastern Lake Superior Basins
Abstract Benthic environments in Lake Superior are variable and dynamic. The complex topography and morphology of eastern Lake Superior results in a variety of depositional environments, from shallowExpand
Selenium uptake and transfer in an aquatic food chain and its effects on fathead minnow larvae
The transfer of Se was followed through a laboratory food chain (wateralgae-rotifer-larval fish) and its effect on larval fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) and Selenium transfer between algae and rotifers was a function of time and food availability. Expand
Determination of Eubacterial and Cyanobacterial Size and Number in Lake Baikal Using Epifluorescence
The results indicate that Lake Baikal picoplankton size and density are similar to other large lakes but may have a more diverse community structure than in other large oligotrophic lakes. Expand
Isolation of a fast-growing strain of the rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus Pallas using turbidostat culture
The procedure for increasing a population's μ max should be applicable to other rotifer and metazoan species, and be instrumental in increasing mass production of rotifers for aquacultural purposes. Expand
Toxicity of the Chrysophyte flagellate Poterioochromonas malhamensis to the rotifer Brachionus angularis
Results from the laboratory results are consistent with the hypothesis that the occurrence of B. angularis in the field may be negatively related to the presence of P. malhamensis and related flagellates. Expand
Influence of experimental conditions on nitrogenous excretion by Lake MichiganMysis relicta (Lovén): laboratory studies with animals acclimated inFragilaria
Rates of excretion of ammonia and urea by Lake MichiganMysis relicta were compared for animals incubated in the presence and the absence of algal food (Fragilaria crotonensis chemostat outflow) and discussed with respect to physiological regulation of nitrogenous waste production. Expand