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Monitoring Tropical Urban Wetlands through Biotic Indices
Abstract Integrity of urban wetlands depends on biological aspects, which is dependent on physical and chemical aspects. Biological assessment focuses on biotic components of an ecosystem. Among many
Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles of Seaweeds
Silver nanoparticles from Ulothrixflacca, Ulva fasciata and Caulerpataxifoliapossess very good antibacterial activity which makes them a potent source of antibacterial agent.
Antioxidant Activity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Hugonia mystax L .
Endophytic fungal isolates namely Aspergillus sp., Chaetomium sp., Curvularia sp., Dreschelara sp., Fusarium sp., Penicillum sp., Colletotrichum sp., Nigrospora sp., Pestalotiopsis sp. and
Seaweed Carotenoids for Cancer Therapeutics
In this chapter, the various biological functions including anticancer effects of the seaweed carotenoids and the possible mechanisms of action are described.
Mangrove Associated Molluscs of India
Phylum Mollusca, the second largest of invertebrates, comprises of soft bodied animals. They inhabit very diverse habitats like marine, estuarine, freshwater, terrestrial and arboreal. They play
Evaluation of the Quality of Drinking Water in Kerala State, India
The quality of tap water from water supplies from 14 districts of Kerala state, India was studied. Parameters like pH, water temperature, total dissolved solids, salinity, nitrates, chloride,
Antimicrobial evaluation of selected south indian medicinal plants against Streptococcus pneumoniae
A significant activity has been observed with methanol extracts of three plants; Bougainvillaea spectabilis, Marsilea quadrifolia, Launaea nudicaulis, (MIC=248μg/ml).