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Education for sustainability as a frame of mind
This article will review some problems with taking the notion of sustainable development, as a policy, as the touchstone of environmental education and will explore some central strands toExpand
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Environmental education and the issue of nature
Much official environmental education policy in the UK and elsewhere makes scant reference to nature as such, and the issue of our underlying attitude towards it is rarely addressed. For the mostExpand
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Education for Sustainable Development: A Coherent Philosophy for Environmental Education?.
Abstract In recent years there has been a growing consensus that environmental education should be orientated around the idea of ‘sustainable development’. This paper examines some of the ambiguitiesExpand
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Environmental Education and Primary Children's Attitudes towards Nature and the Environment
Abstract> Some shortcomings of the current UK National Curriculum policy of delivering environmental education through traditional subjects are outlined and provide the context for reporting theExpand
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Retrieving Nature: Education for a Post-Humanist Age
Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction: A Tangled Web. 2. Metaphysics: Education and Environmental Concern. 3. Notions of Nature. 4. Retreat from Reality. 5. Nature as our Primordial Reality. 6.Expand
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Sustainable development, environmental education, and the significance of being in place
This paper begins by locating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the context of education more broadly and identifies some key concepts that form a backcloth to understanding it and someExpand
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Normalizing catastrophe: sustainability and scientism
Making an adequate response to our deteriorating environmental situation is a matter of ever increasing urgency. It is argued that a central obstacle to achieving this is the way that scientism hasExpand
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Environmental concern, moral education and our place in nature
Some strands of environmental concern invite a radical re-evaluation of many taken for granted assumptions of late modern ways of life—particularly those that structure how we relate to the naturalExpand
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The Latin American Giant Observatory: Contributions to the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2015)
The Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO) is an extended cosmic ray observatory composed by a network of water-Cherenkov detectors spanning over different sites located at significantly differentExpand
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