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Marble-hosted sulfide ores in the Angouran Zn-(Pb–Ag) deposit, NW Iran: interaction of sedimentary brines with a metamorphic core complex
The Angouran Zn-(Pb–Ag) deposit, Zanjan Province, NW Iran, is located within the central Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone of the Zagros orogenic belt. The deposit has proven and estimated resources of 4.7 Mt ofExpand
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Potential environmental hazard in the mining district of southern Iglesiente (SW Sardinia, Italy)
A stream sediment survey carried out in southern Iglesiente, southwestern Sardinia, comprised 249 samples which were analysed for 35 elements. The data from 83 samples derived from a previous surveyExpand
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Massive hydrothermal dolomites in the southwestern Cantabrian Zone (Spain) and their relation to the Late Variscan evolution
Abstract Large-scale, massive burial dolomitization affected Upper Carboniferous carbonates of the southwestern Variscan Cantabrian Zone (Spain). Replacive and void-filling dolomites formed and wereExpand
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The “calamine” nonsulfide Zn–Pb deposits of Belgium: Petrographical, mineralogical and geochemical characterization
Abstract The Belgian nonsulfide Zn deposits represent the historical basis for the zinc mining and smelting industry in Europe. The zinc ores were called “calamines” and consist of a mixture of ZnExpand
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Hydrothermal dolomites in SW Sardinia (Italy): evidence for a widespread late-Variscan fluid flow event
Abstract Epigenetic replacive and saddle dolomite, frequently forming zebra structures (Geodic dolomite), affected Cambrian limestones and early diagenetic dolomites across large areas of theExpand
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The "Calamine" of Southwest Sardinia: Geology, Mineralogy, and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Supergene Zn Mineralization
The mining district of southwest Sardinia, Italy, is one of the classic areas where primary carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb sulfide ores are associated with a relatively thick secondary oxidation zoneExpand
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Karst bauxites in the Campania Apennines (southern Italy): a new approach
In this study new data on two bauxite districts in the Campania region (southern Italy) are reported: the Matese Mts. and the Caserta province, exploited in the first part of the XX century. TheExpand
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Quantitative Mineralogical Characterization of Karst Bauxite Deposits in the Southern Apennines, Italy
The southern Italian karst bauxite deposits occur at a Late Cretaceous hiatus on a Bahamian-type carbonate platform succession cropping out in the southern Apennines, and are mainly located in theExpand
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Petrology of the Namib Sand Sea: Long-distance transport and compositional variability in the wind-displaced Orange Delta
Abstract Sourced as the Nile in distant basaltic rift highlands, the Orange River is the predominant ultimate source of sand for the Namib Desert dunes, as proved independently by bulk-petrography,Expand
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Mineralogy and chemical forms of lead and zinc in abandoned mine wastes and soils: An example from Morocco
Abstract Chemical extractions coupled with quantitative X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) were used to define the chemical and mineralogical forms of Pb and Zn in abandoned wastes and soils from theExpand
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