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The Third-Millennium Inscriptions
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Influence of Chiral Compounds on the Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) in the Water Splitting Process
Results are presented concerning the influence on the water splitting process of enantiopure tartaric acid present in bulk solution. Stainless steel and electrodeposited nickel are used as workingExpand
A passive, and therefore prized, bride. New proposals for the Queen’s wedding in the Ebla Royal Rituals
Une nouvelle analyse approfondie des rites du mariage royal, basee sur le debut des trois sources des rituels royaux d’Ebla suggere que la mariee eblaite, meme s’il s’agit d’une reine, a eteExpand
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Four Sistine Ethiopians? The 1481 Ethiopian Embassy and the Frescoes of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican
As proposed by several scholars, among the many modern on-lookers depicted on the walls of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, foreign diplomats are also portrayed: e.g., the Portuguese ambassador andExpand
The Fundamental and Underrated Role of the Base Electrolyte in the Polymerization Mechanism. The Resorcinol Case Study
The Kane–Maguire polymerization mechanism is disassembled at a molecular level by using DFT-based quantum mechanical calculations. Resorcinol electropolymerization is selected as a case study.Expand
Optimisation Study of Co Deposition on Chars from MAP of Waste Tyres as Green Electrodes in ORR for Alkaline Fuel Cells
Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) catalysts, from waste automobile tyres obtained from Microwave assisted pyrolysis (MAP), were enriched with Co and Cu using the simple treatments sonochemical andExpand
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Il millenium Ebla kings
L'etude des deux noms royaux de l'inscription gravee sur le torse TM.68.G.61 montre qu'il s'agit de noms deja attestes dans les archives cuneiformes du Palais G de l'epoque pre-sargonique. Si cetteExpand
More on the Ebla gatekeepers
Une nouvelle attestation du terme KID.SAG, “portier”, dans un texte administratif du Palais G d’Ebla (TM.75.G.2590 = ARET I 6) trouve a Tell Mardikh (Syrie) par Paolo Matthiae, est discutee etExpand
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