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Endophytic and mycorrhizal fungi associated with roots of endangered native orchids from the Atlantic Forest, Brazil
The composition and diversity of fungal communities associated with three endangered orchid species, Hadrolaelia jongheana, Hoffmannseggella caulescens, and Hoffmannseggella cinnabarina, found inExpand
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Diversity of mycorrhizal Tulasnella associated with epiphytic and rupicolous orchids from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, including four new species
The genus Tulasnella often forms mycorrhizas with orchids and has worldwide distribution. Species of this genus are associated with a wide range of orchids, including endangered hosts. Initially,Expand
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Cyrtopodium paludicolum germination with two Tulasnella isolates
Symbiosis between orchid seeds and mycorrhizal fungi has been reported to be a determining factor in the success of germination and protocorm development in vitro. Th e aim of this study was toExpand
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Colletorichum serranegrense sp. nov. , a new endophytic species from the roots of the endangered Brazilian epiphytic orchid Cattleya jongheana
A new endophytic species of Colletotrichum was isolated from an endangered orchid species, Cattleya jongheana in the Parque Estadual da Serra Negra, from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It isExpand
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Morphological and molecular characterization of Tulasnella spp. fungi isolated from the roots of Epidendrum secundum, a widespread Brazilian orchid
Tulasnella spp. are the main fungal symbionts of Brazilian Epidendrum orchids. The taxonomy of these fungi is largely based on ITS rDNA similarity, but culture dependent techniques are stillExpand
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From terrestrial to epiphytic orchids: do tropics change the rules as compared to temperate regions?
In most mycorrhizal symbioses, including most adult green orchids, fungi provide soil minerals to the plant, in exchange for photosynthetic sugar. Yet, during orchid germination, the fungi, whichExpand
The Cores Project, intent to collect biological and antropic informations on nine species of orchids that are included on the official list of threatened species of Brazil (Cattleya schilleriana,Expand
La découverte de la mixotrophiechez les plantes à mycorhizes
The discovery of mixotrophy in mycorrhizal plants. In the typical mycorrhizal symbiosis, which links soil fungi with the roots of ~90% of plant species, fungi exploit soil mineral nutrients in returnExpand
Lista da Flora das Unidades de Conservação Estaduais do estado do Rio de Janeiro
A Lista da Flora das Unidades de Conservacao (UCs) Estaduais e uma iniciativa do Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro (JBRJ), realizada pelo Centro Nacional de Conservacao daExpand