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The Reliability and Validity of the Mini-Mental State Examination in the Elderly Croatian Population
The Mini-Mental State Examination results when standardized and validated in a certain population might better contribute to recognition of the individuals at risk that should be directed to dementia outpatient clinics. Expand
The Frontal Assessment Battery in the Differential Diagnosis of Dementia
Evaluating clinical utility of the FAB for differential diagnosis of Alzheimer disease, subcortical vascular cognitive impairment, and frontotemporal lobar degeneration found some FAB subtests might enhance diagnostic accuracy taking into account clinical history and other tests of executive function. Expand
The differential diagnosis of acute transverse myelitis
The clinical and paraclinical characteristics of acute transverse myelitis were analyzed and extensive demyelination was indicative of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) due to hyperergic vasculopathy or various forms of chronic vasculitis. Expand
Hemodynamic monitoring of middle cerebral arteries during cognitive tasks performance
The aim of this study was to obtain temporal pattern and hemispheric dominance of blood flow velocity (BFV) changes and to assess suitability of different cognitive tasks for monitoring of BFVExpand
Ultrasound and dynamic functional imaging in vascular cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease
US and ASL are promising tools with excellent temporal resolution, which will have a significant impact on the authors' understanding of the vascular contributions to VCI and AD and may also be relevant for assessing future prevention and therapeutic strategies for these conditions. Expand
Blood flow velocity changes in anterior cerebral arteries during cognitive tasks performance
Cognitive tests with great activation potential for monitoring of ACAs that might be used in distinguishing of healthy individuals and patients with neurovascular or neurodegenerative diseases are addressed. Expand
Systemic thrombolytic therapy in acute ischemic stroke — New experiences in spreading network of stroke units in Croatia
Treatment with rt-PA is safe, feasible and effective for stroke patients in both university as well as regional hospitalsHaving stroke units established leads to the possibility for each patient to reach the nearest stroke unit and gets the thrombolytic therapy in the therapeutic time window. Expand
Cytology of cerebrospinal fluid in CNS Whipple disease
A 50-year-old highly educated manager was admitted to the Department of Neurology UHC Zagreb due to a 2-year history of slowly progressive unsteadiness, excessive fatigue, insomnia and blurring of vision, but died of heart attack 2 weeks after discharge from the hospital. Expand
Croatian strategy to fight Alzheimer disease and other dementias - amended draft proposal
U vremenu i ekonomskim okolnostima u kojima živimo, prijedlog nacrta Hrvatske strategije za borbu protiv Alzheimerove bolesti podastrt je strucnim drustvima, udrugama građana i svim zainteresiranima,Expand
Isolated Hypoglossal Nerve Palsy: A Diagnostic Challenge
4 patients with clinical presentation of isolated HNP due to different etiologies are reported, all of which have been previously reported on Hypoglossal nerve palsy. Expand