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A global change‐induced biome shift in the Montseny mountains (NE Spain)
Shifts in plant species and biome distribution in response to warming have been described in past climate changes. However, reported evidence of such shifts under current climate change is stillExpand
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Migration, invasion and decline: changes in recruitment and forest structure in a warming‐linked shift of European beech forest in Catalonia (NE Spain)
Altitudinal upward shifts of species' ranges have occurred across a wide range of taxonomic groups and geographical locations during the twentieth century in response to current climate warming.Expand
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Social-ecological heritage and the conservation of Mediterranean landscapes under global change. A case study in Olzinelles (Catalonia)
Both biological and cultural diversities seem to be diminishing together along with the progressive interconnection of peoples and ecosystems of the earth under the rules and dynamics of globalExpand
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Conservation of isolated Atlantic heathlands in the Mediterranean region: effects of land-use changes in the Montseny biosphere reserve (Spain)
Abstract In the Mediterranean region, cycles of controlled burning combined with continuous grazing appear to have been an effective tool for maintaining isolated Calluna vulgaris heathlands in theExpand
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Service Sector Metabolism: Accounting for Energy Impacts of the Montjuic Urban Park in Barcelona
This article evaluates, from an industrial ecology (IE) perspective, the energy performance of the services inside an urban system and determines their global environmental impact. Additionally, thisExpand
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Carbon dioxide emissions of Antarctic tourism
Abstract The increase of tourism to the Antarctic continent may entail not only local but also global environmental impacts. These latter impacts, which are mainly caused by transport, have beenExpand
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El Montseny: cinquanta anys d'evolució dels paisatges
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Ecosystem services, social interdependencies, and collective action: a conceptual framework
The governance of ecosystem services (ES) has been predominantly thought of in terms of market or state-based instruments. Comparatively, collective action mechanisms have rarely been considered.Expand
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Evidence of Pseudotsuga menziesii naturalization in montane Mediterranean forests
Invasion of natural habitats by conifer species is a well-known phenomenon worldwide. Here, we describe naturalization by the American Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas fir) in Montseny Natural ParkExpand
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Land abandonment, landscape, and biodiversity: questioning the restorative character of the forest transition in the Mediterranean
The effects of land abandonment on biodiversity have received considerable attention by scholars, but results are far from conclusive. Different cultural traditions of scientists seem to underlie theExpand
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