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Hegemony and Workers' Politics in China
  • M. Blecher
  • Political Science
  • The China Quarterly
  • 1 June 2002
Workers' protests in the 1980s and 1990s, numerous and widely distributed though they may be, remain spasmodic, spontaneous and unco-ordinated. While the reasons are numerous, this article focuses onExpand
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Tethered Deer: Government and Economy in a Chinese County
This is the first systematic, longitudinal study of the organisation and operations of Chinese government at the county level. Highlighting the contention-prone yet often collaborative relationshipsExpand
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Globalization, Structural Reform, and Labour Politics in China
To analyze the relationship between globalization and labour protest, this paper compares labour politics in three regions: the highly globalized southeast ‘sunbelt’, the relatively less ‘reformed’,Expand
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China Against the Tides: Restructuring Through Revolution, Radicalism and Reform
Introduction 1. Imperial Legacy, Capitalist Failure, and Socialist Triumph 2. The Triumph and Crises of Maoist Socialism: 1949 - 1978 3. The Triumph and Crises of Structural Reform: 1979 to theExpand
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Development State, Entrepreneurial State: The Political Economy of Socialist Reform in Xinju Municipality and Guanghan County
In social science, the subject of study generally changes much faster than our ability to conceptualise, much less theorise, it. This has happened once again with respect to the problematic of reformExpand
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Into Leather: State-led Development and the Private Sector in Xinji
Students of the local state in reform-era China behold a host of different forms. Scholarly research reports debate their defining characteristics, speculate about the political participatory andExpand
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Contemporary developments and issues in China's economic transition
List of Figures List of Tables List of Contributors Introduction Acknowledgements Map of Provinces PART I: RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Economic Reforms and Recent Macroeconomic Performance C.Harvie Growth,Expand
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Migrants and Mobilization: Sectoral Patterns in China, 2010-2013
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