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System R: relational approach to database management
This paper contains a description of the overall architecture and design of the system, and emphasizes that System R is a vehicle for research in database architecture, and is not planned as a product. Expand
Storage and Access in Relational Data Bases
Results indicate that physical clustering of logically adjacent items is a critical performance parameter for relational query evaluation and methods that depend on sorting the records themselves seem to be the algorithm of choice. Expand
Database Systems
The technology of database software and hardware is surveyed, describing some of the principal issues related to the user's view of data, sharing, concurrent access, security, and integrity. Expand
The Recovery Manager of the System R Database Manager
The recovery subsystem of an experimental data management system is described and evaluated and the DO-UNDO-REDO protocol allows new recoverable types and operations to be added to the recovery system. Expand
A history and evaluation of System R
The three principal phases of the System R project are described and some of the lessons learned from System R about the design of relational systems and database systems in general are discussed. Expand
The convoy phenomenon
A conges t ion phenomenon on h i g h t r a f f i c l ocks i s descr ibed and a non-FIFO s t r a t e g y t o e l i m i n a t e such conges t ion i s presented .
Orienting Mechanical Parts by Computer-Controlled Manipulator
In order to assemble mechanical parts which are initially disordered, a computer-controlled manipulator needs some procedure for orienting these parts. An apparatus is described which assists theExpand
System R: An Architectural Overview
An encoding method for multifield sorting and indexing
An encoding scheme is described which produces a single, order-preserving string from a sequence of strings, useful for multifield sorting, multifield indexing, and other applications where ordering on more than one field is important. Expand
System R: A Relational Data Base Management System
A relational approach makes this experimental data base management system unusually easy to install and use and offers major bonuses in other areas. Expand