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Food (miles) for Thought - Energy Balance for Locally-grown versus Imported Apple Fruit (3 pp)
Overall, the primary energy requirement of regional produce, stored several months on-site, partially compensated for the larger energy required to import fresh fruit from overseas. Expand
Using colour features of cv. ‘Gala’ apple fruits in an orchard in image processing to predict yield
New apple fruit recognition algorithms based on colour features are presented to estimate the number of fruits and develop models for early prediction of apple yield, in a multi-disciplinary approachExpand
Anatomy and Transpiration of the Avocado Inflorescence
Abstract Structure and function of the inflorescence of cv. 'Hass' and 'Fuerte' avocado ( Persea americana Mill.) were examined by scanning electron microcopy (SEM) and by porometry. Sepals andExpand
Pomological Characteristics of Some Autochthonous Genotypes of Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas L.) in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) is a perennial deciduous shrub, widespread in forest populations in Southeast Europe with tolerance against some pests and diseases and rich in nutrients such asExpand
Identification of chilling and heat requirements of cherry trees—a statistical approach
Closer investigation of the distinct chilling phases detected by PLS regression could contribute to the understanding of dormancy processes and thus help fruit and nut growers identify suitable tree cultivars for a future in which static climatic conditions can no longer be assumed. Expand
Effects of flooding and drought on stomatal activity, transpiration, photosynthesis, water potential and water channel activity in strawberry stolons and leaves
Transpiration, xylem water potential and water channel activity were studied in developing stolons and leaves of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) subjected to drought or flooding, together withExpand
Mechanical flower thinning improves the fruit quality of apples.
An integrated coefficient of thinning was devised with optimum values of 10-40 (at 43 x g, 5-7.5 km h(-1)), where an ICT > 50 led to tree damage and ICT < 8 led to sub-optimum thinning efficacy. Expand
Differential responses of trees to temperature variation during the chilling and forcing phases
Spring phases of cherry in Klein-Altendorf and especially chestnut in Beijing will likely continue to advance in response to global warming, while for walnut in California, inadequate chilling may cause delays in flowering and leaf emergence, and could serve as an early-warning indicator that future productivity may be threatened by climate change. Expand
Reducing ethylene levels along the food supply chain: a key to reducing food waste?
  • M. Blanke
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Journal of the science of food and agriculture
  • 1 September 2014
Monitoring and control of their natural ripening gas - ethylene - is suggested here as one possible key to reducing food waste, which takes into account exogenous ethylene originating from sources other than the fruit itself. Expand