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Inhibition of cancer cell proliferation and suppression of TNF-induced activation of NFkappaB by edible berry juice.
It is illustrated that berry juices have striking differences in their potential chemopreventive activity and that the inclusion of a variety of berries in the diet might be useful for preventing the development of tumors. Expand
Pit lakes are a global legacy of mining: an integrated approach to achieving sustainable ecosystems and value for communities
The impact of large-scale mining on the landscape is a permanent legacy of industrialisation and unique to the Anthropocene. Thousands of lakes created from the flooding of abandoned open-cut minesExpand
Gut content and stable isotope analyses provide complementary understanding of ontogenetic dietary shifts and trophic relationships among fishes in a tropical river
Stomach content analysis identified substantial ontogenetic dietary shifts in all species, corresponding to changes in body sizeisotope trajectories for two species, and consideration of intraspecific, size-related variation is necessary in isotopic studies of food web structure. Expand
Omnivory and Opportunism Characterize Food Webs in a Large Dry-Tropics River System
Abstract: We analyzed basal sources, trophic levels, and connectance in dry-season food webs on 4 rivers in the upper Burdekin catchment in the dry tropics of northeastern Australia. The region isExpand
Dynamics of habitats and macroinvertebrate assemblages in rivers of the Australian dry tropics
1. The dry tropics are characterised by episodic summer rainfall such that the majority of annual river flow occurs in a short period of time. This dryland hydrological cycle leads to variablyExpand
Delphinidin, a dietary anthocyanidin, inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 phosphorylation.
The identification of delphinidin as a naturally occurring inhibitor of VEGF receptors suggests that this molecule possesses important antiangiogenic properties that may be helpful for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Expand
Inhibition of sphingosine-1-phosphate- and vascular endothelial growth factor-induced endothelial cell chemotaxis by red grape skin polyphenols correlates with a decrease in early platelet-activating
The dual inhibition of S1P- and VEGF-mediated migration of endothelial cell and of serum-stimulated migration of U-87 cells suggests a usefulness of SGE against highly invasive human glioblastoma. Expand
Regulation of artisanal small scale gold mining (ASGM) in Ghana and Indonesia as currently implemented fails to adequately protect aquatic ecosystems
Artisanal small scale gold mining (ASGM) operations are largely unregulated, informal and transient. Rudimentary mining and processing techniques used in ASGM often result in degraded environmental,Expand
Trophic roles of tadpoles in tropical Australian streams
As tadpoles are important seasonal components in stream food webs, their local extinction can greatly alter food-web structure and complexity and, possibly, processes such as leaf litter breakdown and sediment accumulation. Expand
A global analysis of terrestrial plant litter dynamics in non-perennial waterways
Perennial rivers and streams make a disproportionate contribution to global carbon (C) cycling. However, the contribution of intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams (IRES), which sometimes cease toExpand