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The relationship between size and fecundity in Aedes albopictus.
  • M. Blackmore, C. Lord
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of vector ecology : journal of the…
  • 1 December 2000
There was a significant positive relationship between pupal wet weight and adult Wing length and the relationship between wing length and fecundity in the first gonotrophic cycle in U.S. strains of Ae. Expand
Parasitism of Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) by Ascogregarina spp. (Apicomplexa: Lecudinidae) in Florida.
Data from surveys for gregarine parasites contribute to the hypothesis that parasite-mediated competition may be a factor in the apparent displacement of Ae. Expand
Burrow characteristics and habitat associations of armadillos in Brazil and the United States of America
Biomass, abundance, and species diversity of terrestrial invertebrates did not vary significantly between habitat types in Florida, suggesting that habitat associations of armadillos were not influenced by prey availability. Expand
Role of Anopheles quadrimaculatus and Coquillettidia perturbans (Diptera: Culicidae) in the transmission cycle of Cache Valley virus (Bunyaviridae: Bunyavirus) in the midwest, USA.
Midwestern populations of Coquillettidia perturbans (Walker) and Anopheles quadrimaculatus (Say) were tested for their ability to transmit Cache Valley virus (CV), a recognized human and animalExpand
West Nile virus epizootiology in the southeastern United States, 2001.
The primary transmission cycle of WNV in the southeastern United States apparently involves Culex mosquitoes and passerine birds, and chickens are frequently infected and may serve as effective sentinels in this region. Expand
Adaptive Variation in Environmental Sex Determination in a Nematode
Here is the first evidence of adaptive variation in the expression of ESD in a spatially patchy environment, as predicted by adaptive-sex-ratio theory. Expand
Mermithid parasitism of adult mosquitoes in Sweden
Parasitism of adult Aedes communis by an undetermined mermithid nematode was investigated near Uppsala, Sweden, during 1989 and 1990 and higher infection rates and parasite loads suggest that Aedes Communis is the principal host. Expand
Assessment of Aedes sierrensis as a vector of canine heartworm in Utah using a new technique for determining the infectivity rate.
Both Aedes sierrensis and Dirofilaria immitis have recently become established in Utah. We evaluated the vector potential of this Aedes sierrensis strain using a new technique for detectingExpand
Records of mosquito-parasitic mermithid nematodes in the northcentral United States.
Mermithid parasites (Nematoda: Mermithidae) were observed in 11 mosquito species in 22 counties of Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, these are the first records of such parasites in Indiana, Wisconsin and Indiana. Expand
The mosquitoes of Yellowstone National Park (Diptera:Culicidae).
Phenology, local distribution, and ecology of each species are addressed along with taxonomic notes on certain species, and merinithid (nematode) parasitism of some of the park's Aedes species is discussed. Expand