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Chromosomal loci of Neurospora crassa.
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Noise annoyance with regard to neurophysiological sensitivity, subjective noise sensitivity and personality variables.
To evaluate the relation between annoyance to environmental noise, general neurophysiological sensitivity, subjective noise sensitivity and other individual characteristics, experiments wereExpand
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Effect of noise on blood pressure and 'stress' hormones.
1. Noise stimulation (95 dBA) for 20 min caused a significant increase in diastolic (12%, P less than 0.001) and mean arterial pressure (7%, P less than 0.001) in 15 healthy normotensive maleExpand
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Noise as a contributory factor in the development of elevated arterial pressure. A study of the mechanisms by which noise may raise blood pressure in man.
Arterial pressure and other hemodynamic variables (stroke volume (SV), cardiac output and total peripheral resistance) were studied in 18 healthy males before and during exposure to recordedExpand
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Effects of noise-disturbed sleep: a laboratory study on habituation and subjective noise sensitivity
The effect of road traffic noise from heavy vehicles during the night was investigated in a two week laboratory experiment. Body movements, heart rate, subjective sleep quality, mood and performanceExpand
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Haemodynamic effects of noise exposure before and after beta 1-selective and non-selective beta-adrenoceptor blockade in patients with essential hypertension.
1. Noise stimulation (100 dBA) for 10 min caused a significant increase in diastolic (7.0%, P less than 0.001) and mean arterial blood pressure (4.3%, P less than 0.01) in patients with essentialExpand
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SenSee Framework for Personalized Access to TV Content
In this paper we present our framework, SenSee, designed to provide context-aware and personalized search that can be used to support multimedia applications in making content recommendations. OurExpand
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Sleep disturbance before and after traffic noise attenuation in an apartment building.
A study on traffic noise sleep disturbance was made in an apartment building before and after the installation of noise insulating windows. Three tenants completed a questionnaire each morning oneExpand
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A descriptive cross-sectional study of annoyance from low frequency noise installations in an urban environment.
In order to improve the living conditions for respondents highly exposed to traffic noise, it has been recommended that one side of the building should face a "quiet side". Quiet may, however, beExpand
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Hemodynamic and hormonal changes induced by noise.
Eighteen healthy male volunteers with normal hearing were exposed to industrial noise at different sound levels (75, 85 and 95 dB A) in a noise laboratory. Blood pressure, heart rate, stroke volumeExpand
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