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AhR-mediated and antiestrogenic activity of humic substances.
Humic substances (HS) were for decades regarded as inert in the ecosystems with respect to their possible toxicity. However, HS have been recently shown to elicit various adverse effects generallyExpand
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In vitro assessment of AhR-mediated activities of TCDD in mixture with humic substances.
Humic substances (HS) are ubiquitous natural products of decomposition of dead organic matter. HS is present in most freshwaters at concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 50mg L(-1). Organic carbon canExpand
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Humic substances
Goal, Scope and BackgroundFreshwater bodies which chemistry is dominated by dissolved humic substances (HS) seem to be the major type on Earth, due to huge non-calcareous geological formations in theExpand
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Activation of Ah receptor by pure humic acids
Humic substances (HS) are ubiquitous in the environment. However, some studies indicate that HS could induce direct adverse effects on human health and hormone‐like effects in fish, amphibians, andExpand
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Retinoid compounds associated with water blooms dominated by Microcystis species
Retinoic acids play a critical role in vital physiological processes and vertebrate development, their derivatives can be produced by some cyanobacterial species into surface waters. This studyExpand
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Yeast Biosensors for Detection of Environmental Pollutants: Current State and Limitations.
Yeast biosensors have become suitable tools for the screening and detection of environmental pollutants because of their various advantages compared to other sensing technologies. On the other hand,Expand
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Climate finance and green growth: reconsidering climate-related institutions, investments, and priorities in Nepal
Nepal, a least-developed, mountainous, and land-locked country is consistently ranked as one of the most vulnerable countries to the climate change. Poor socioeconomic development, rough and highlyExpand
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Enhancement of AhR-mediated activity of selected pollutants and their mixtures after interaction with dissolved organic matter.
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) in freshwaters is present at concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 50 mg L⁻¹, and consists of various organic compounds, including humic substances (HS). HS exert aExpand
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Ablation of organic polymers by 46.9-nm-laser radiation
We report results of the exposure of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) -(PTFE), poly(methyl methacrylate) -(PMMA), and polyimide -(PI) to intense 46.9-nm-laser pulses of 1.2-ns-duration at fluences rangingExpand
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Interaction of temperature and an environmental stressor: Moina macrocopa responds with increased body size, increased lifespan, and increased offspring numbers slightly above its temperature optimum.
For organisms, temperature is one of the most important environmental factors and gains increasing importance due to global warming, since increasing temperatures may pose organisms close to theirExpand
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