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Mongols, Turks and Others: Eurasian Nomads and the Sedentary World
The interaction between the Eurasian pastoral nomads - most famously the Mongols and Turks - and the surrounding sedentary societies is a major theme in world history. Nomads were not only raidersExpand
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The Mongol Empire in World History: The State of the Field
The study of the Mongol Empire has made enormous strides in the past two decades, and its most notable impact is the shift of seeing the Empire not only in national or regional terms but from aExpand
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Structured treatment can improve predicate argument structure impairment
Background: Complementation information is a type of lexical-syntactic information that determines which syntactic environments a verb can be inserted into. It includes information about the verb’sExpand
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The Mongol Transformation: From the Steppe to Eurasian Empire
This paper discusses the rise of the Mongol Empire in its Inner Asian context, looking for evolutionary versus revolutionary features of the Mongol imperial enterprise. It then assesses the MongolExpand
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Unearthing the Liao Dynasty’s Relations with the Muslim World: Migrations, Diplomacy, Commerce, and Mutual Perceptions
While Liao fugitives established in Central Asia a polity—the Western Liao (西遼 Xi Liao) or Qara Khitai dynasty (1124–1218)—that ruled over a considerable Muslim population, little is known about theExpand
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The Mongols and Nomadic Identity