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Geopolitics of European natural gas demand: Supplies from Russia, Caspian and the Middle East
This paper addresses issues of natural gas which raise questions about European energy security. It first focuses on the rising gas demand of the EU27 and elaborates alleged risks of dependence onExpand
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Energy security and Russia’s gas strategy: The symbiotic relationship between the state and firms
Abstract The way how Russia ignores the EU’s quest for liberalization and sustains a control over markets and supplies is directly related to her use of gas as leverage. Russia’s strategy affectsExpand
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New prospects in the political economy of inner-Caspian hydrocarbons and western energy corridor through Turkey
Abstract This paper makes a new conceptualization on Caspian energy system and the transit routes that pass through Turkey. Firstly, it puts forward the term of “inner-Caspian”, comprisingExpand
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Scenarios on European energy security: Outcomes of natural gas strategy in 2020
Abstract This paper adopts a futuristic methodology and analyzes the role of natural gas in European energy security in order to transform economic and policy uncertainties into meaningful scenarios.Expand
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New energy order and FAST principles: premises of equitable and sustainable energy security in the 21st century
This article reveals the evolution of the concept of energy security with a particular focus on the challenges of the 21st century and develops the author's concept of the new energy order (NEO). NEOExpand
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The state of future in international relations
Abstract This paper elaborates the state of Future in International Relations from a comparative theoretical perspective with regard to the selected methodological tools of Futures Studies. It,Expand
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Kamu Hastanelerinin Finansal Performansını Etkileyen Örgütsel Faktörlerin Belirlenmesi
Finansal performans olcumunde temel amac isletmenin finansal durumu ve gelisimi ile ilgili bilgi saglamaktir. Hastanelerde de finansal performans olcumu bu amacla gerceklestirilmekte ve bir denetimExpand
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The PEARL Model: Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Sustainable Development
This article formulates institutional virtues according to sustainable development (SD) criteria to come up with a paradigmatic set of corporate principles. It aims to answer how a corporation mightExpand
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