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Improving forecasts of GARCH family models with the artificial neural networks: An application to the daily returns in Istanbul Stock Exchange
In the study, we discussed the ARCH/GARCH family models and enhanced them with artificial neural networks to evaluate the volatility of daily returns for 23.10.1987-22.02.2008 period in IstanbulExpand
Nonlinear causality between oil and precious metals
This work aims to analyze the cointegration and causality relationship among oil and precious metals of gold, silver and copper by using nonlinear ARDL and two popular nonlinear causality tests;Expand
Economic growth and biomass energy.
This paper investigates the short-run and long-run causality analysis between biomass energy consumption and economic growth in the selected 10 developing and emerging countries by using theExpand
Business Cycles Around the Globe: A Regime-Switching Approach
This paper characterizes business cycle phenomena in a sample of 22 developed and developing economies using a univariate Markov regime switching approach. It examines the efficacy of this approachExpand
The causal link among militarization, economic growth, CO2 emission, and energy consumption
  • M. Bildirici
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • 1 February 2017
A short-run as well as a long-run relationship among the variables with a positive and a statistically significant relationship between CO2 emissions and militarization was found and it was determined that 26% of the forecast-error variance ofCO2 emissions was explained by the forecast error variance of militarization and 60% by energy consumption. Expand
The effects of militarization on biofuel consumption and CO2 emission
Abstract The cointegration and causal relation among CO2 emissions, economic growth, militarization, and biofuel consumption were tested from 1984 to 2015 period for Unite States (US). TheExpand
Relationship between biomass energy and economic growth in transition countries: panel ARDL approach
In this study, we have investigated the co‐integration and causality relationship between the biomass energy consumption and economic growth in the transition countries by the Panel Auto RegressiveExpand
The Relationship between Hydropower Energy Consumption and Economic Growth
Abstract This paper will analyse the relationship between economic growth and hydropower energy consumption. According to the results of the short run causality, there is evidence to support theExpand
Economic growth and electricity consumption: Auto regressive distributed lag analysis
Knowledge of the direction of causality between electricity consumption and economic growth is of primary importance if appropriate energy policies and energy conservation measures are to be devised.Expand
This paper investigates the relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth by using Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) bounds testing approach and vector error-correction modelsExpand