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BIOGEME: a free package for the estimation of discrete choice models
Reference TRANSP-OR-CONF-2006-048 URL: http://transp-or.epfl.ch/documents/proceedings/Bier03.pdf URL: http://www.strc.ch/Paper/bierlaire.pdf Record created on 2008-02-15, modified on 2017-12-15
Discrete Choice Methods and their Applications to Short Term Travel Decisions
Modeling travel behavior is a key aspect of demand analysis, where aggregate demand is the accumulation of individuals’ decisions. In this chapter, we focus on “short-term” travel decisions. The most
Hybrid Choice Models: Progress and Challenges
We discuss the development of predictive choice models that go beyond the random utility model in its narrowest formulation. Such approaches incorporate several elements of cognitive process that
A theoretical analysis of the cross-nested logit model
It is formally proved that the Cross-Nested Logit model is indeed a member of the GEV models family, and it is proposed to estimate the model with non-linear programming algorithms, instead of heuristics proposed in the literature.
Scale Invariant Feature Transform on the Sphere: Theory and Applications
A planar to spherical mapping is introduced and an algorithm for its estimation is given, which allows to extract objects from an omnidirectional image given their SIFT descriptors in a planar image.