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Organisational modes for Open Innovation in the bio-pharmaceutical industry: An exploratory analysis
Abstract This paper investigates the adoption of Open Innovation in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, studying through which organisational modes it is put into practice and how these modes areExpand
Enabling Open Innovation in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises: How to Find Alternative Applications for Your Technologies
A critical success factor in the practice of Open Innovation is the timely identification of opportunities for out-licensing a firm's technologies outside its core business. This can be particularlyExpand
Technology Acquisition in Family and Nonfamily Firms: A Longitudinal Analysis of Spanish Manufacturing Firms
Technology acquisition from external sources has been identified as a critical competence for sustained success in innovation, and research has paid a good deal of attention to studying itsExpand
Organizing for Inbound Open Innovation: How External Consultants and a Dedicated R&D Unit Influence Product Innovation Performance†
Firms increasingly acquire technological knowledge from external sources to improve their innovation performance. This strategic approach is known as inbound open innovation. The existing empiricalExpand
Agile, Stage-Gate, And Their Combination: Exploring How They Relate to Performance in Software Development
We investigate the relationship of plan-driven Stage-Gate and flexible Agile models with new product development performance through an original conceptualization that focuses on their underlying principles for managing uncertainty and the resulting changes. Expand
Exploring the role of human resources in technology out-licensing:an empirical analysis of biotech newtechnology-based firms
Out-licensing is a technology exploitation option to generate revenues without investing in downstream complementary assets. Expand
Safe nests in global nets: Internationalization and appropriability of R&D in wireless telecom
This paper documents the case of the wireless telecom industry to bring new empirical evidence to the debate on the internationalization of research and development (R&D) activities. US patentExpand
Organizing for External Technology Commercialization: Evidence from a Multiple Case Study in the Pharmaceutical Industry
External technology commercialization (ETC) is increasingly being regarded as a strategic priority by companies. ETC is the use of out-licensing to transfer technologies that are disembodied fromExpand
Technology Exploitation Paths: Combining Technological and Complementary Resources in New Product Development and Licensing†
Technological resources in the form of patents, trade secrets, and know-how have become key assets for modern enterprises. This paper addresses a critical issue in technology and innovationExpand
The Role of Early Adopters in the Diffusion of New Products: Differences between Platform and Nonplatform Innovations
This paper takes a contingency view to investigate how the role of early adopters (EAs) in the diffusion process changes between platform and nonplatform innovations, what launch decisions firms takeExpand