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An overview of the toxic effect of potential human carcinogen Microcystin-LR on testis
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Development and use of genic molecular markers (GMMs) for construction of a transcript map of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
This is the first report on the development of large-scale genic markers including development of easily assayable markers and a transcript map of chickpea, and these resources should be useful not only for genome analysis and genetics and breeding applications of chick pea, but also for comparative legume genomics. Expand
Amelioratory effect of coenzyme Q10 on potential human carcinogen Microcystin-LR induced toxicity in mice.
Coenzyme Q10 has a potential to be developed as preventive agent against microcystin-LR induced toxicity through modulation of glycolytic-oxidative-nitrosative stress pathway. Expand
Microcystin-LR Induced Immunotoxicity in Mammals
Overall, the data shows that chronic exposure to microcystin-LR has the potential to impair vital immune responses which could lead to increased risk of various diseases including cancers. Expand
Morphological and biochemical studies on the different developmental stages of a fresh water snail, Lymnaea stagnalis (Lymnaeidae) after treatment with some pesticides.
In the present study when the egg masses of Lymnaea stagnalis showing different developmental stages were introduced with the sub lethal concentrations of baygon and nuvan from cleavage to beforeExpand
Design and Characterization of DNA Aptamer for Breast Tumor Marker by an Advantageous Method
DNA aptamer is selected against breast tumor marker (CA 15-3) by using a modified SELEX methodology and the binding affinity of these aptamers (KD value) was quantified by using FAM labeled aptamer. Expand
Comparative studies of the effect of thiourea and BHC on behaviour and mortality in adult snails of the species Lymnaea stagnalis and on their egg masses.
When adult Lymnaea stagnalis specimens were treated with aqueous thiourea and BHC solutions for up to 30 days, they displayed hyperirritability after 3 +/- 2 days, manifested in climbing behaviour atExpand
Biochemical studies on the cleavage stage of a fresh water snail (Lymnaea stagnalis) after treatment with colchicine and paclitaxel
Results indicated that paclitaxel had a higher toxicity on cleavage stage of Lymnaea stagnalis than colchicine, and values were low in treated groups as a consequence of the poor development of cleavage due to intoxication of alkaloids. Expand
Thiourea as a xenobiotic, showing its adverse effects on mortality, behaviour and metamorphosis and on histopathological and cytological changes in the developing ovaries of Dysdercus similis.
  • M. Bhide
  • Biology, Medicine
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  • 1991
The effect of thiourea (applied topically, in different concentrations, to the eggs and all the nymphal instars, and to adults also by feeding) on the red cotton-bug Dysdercus similis was studied and it was found that females were unable to reproduce, owing to atrophy of the gonads. Expand