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The New Hope
In 1946, Britain’s vice-like grip over its colonies began to loosen. Thoroughly exhausted by the war, which by the end of the conflict had consumed over half the country’s Gross National ProductExpand
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Sovereign Spheres: Princes, Education, and Empire in Colonial India
This book explores educational reform alongside debates on modernity and anticolonial nationalism in two major princely states, Baroda and Mysore, in 20th-century India. It argues for a deeperExpand
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The rebel academy: Modernity and the movement for a university in princely baroda, 1908-49
In recent analyses of nationalism in colonial South Asia, Partha Chatterjee and Tanika Sarkar, among others, have argued that as a result of colonial domination in the “public sphere”—the realm ofExpand
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Claiming Power from Below: Dalits and the Subaltern Question in India
. INTRODUCTION 1. Who is the Dalit? The Emergence of a New Political Subject by ANUPAMA RAO 2. The Making of a Dalit Perspective: The 1940s and the Chamars of Uttar Pradesh by Ramnarayan S. Rawat 3.Expand
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A Review of “Fascinating Hindutva: Saffron Politics and Dalit Mobilisation”
The last two decades have seen the remarkable rise of two striking, if very different, forces in Indian popular politics: right-wing Hindu nationalism (Hindutva) on the one hand and lower caste—Dal...
Princely states and the making of modern India
This article examines discussions that took place regarding princely states at the moment of transition from colonial to postcolonial India. It argues for a rethinking of Nehru's vision for ‘theExpand
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