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Evaluation of In Vitro Capacitation of Stallion Spermatozoa1
It was found that merocyanine 540 detects capacitation-related changes much earlier than CTC does, and that flow cytometry for evaluation of capacitation and AR was a quicker and more accurate technique than fluorescence microscopy.
DNA damage in bovine sperm does not block fertilization and early embryonic development but induces apoptosis after the first cleavages.
The results show that sperm DNA damage does not impair fertilization of the oocyte or completion of the first 2-3 cleavages, but blocks blastocyst formation by inducing apoptosis.
Effects of monoclonal antibody against PMSG administered shortly after the preovulatory LH surge on time and number of ovulations in PMSG/PG-treated cows.
neutralization of PM SG shortly after the preovulatory LH peak suppresses adverse effects of PMSG on final follicular maturation, leading to an almost 2-fold increase of the ovulation rate.
Use of peanut agglutinin to assess the acrosomal status and the zona pellucida-induced acrosome reaction in stallion spermatozoa.
A rapid and reliable assessment of the sperm acrosomal status and the incidence of the acrosome reaction of stallion spermatozoa at the zona surface were demonstrated in this study.
Molecular cloning, genetic mapping, and developmental expression of bovine POU5F1.
The expression pattern suggests that bPOU5F1 acts early in bovine embryonic development but that its expression is not restricted to pluripotent cells of the blastocyst.
Stimulatory effect of growth hormone on in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes is exerted through cumulus cells and not mediated by IGF‐I
It is con‐ cluded that bovine cumulus cells, mural granulosa, and oo‐ cytes express mRNA for the GH receptor, and the stimulatory effect of GH on bovines oocyte maturation is dependent on the cumulus Cells and is not mediated by IGF‐I.
Acrosome-intact boar spermatozoa initiate binding to the homologous zona pellucida in vitro.
Observations indicate that acrosome-intact boar spermatozoa initiate binding to the pig zona pellucida by studying the acrosomal status of sperm bound to zonaepellucidae.