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Mitigating Climate Change in US Cities: Opportunities and obstacles
This study examines opportunities for and obstacles to the mitigation of climate change in US cities using the example of the Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) campaign sponsored by theExpand
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Transnational Climate Governance
In this article we examine the emergence and implications of transnational climate-change governance. We argue that although the study of transnational relations has recently been renewed alongside aExpand
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Earth System Governance: People, Places, and the Planet
This science plan elaborates upon the concept of Earth system governance, defined as the interrelated systems of formal and informal rules and actor-networks that are set up to steer societiesExpand
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Transnational Networks and Global Environmental Governance: The Cities for Climate Protection Program
The past decade has witnessed a growing interest among scholars of international relations, and global environmental governance in particular, in the role of transnational networks within theExpand
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Revisiting the urban politics of climate change
In our 2005 paper, Rethinking Sustainable Cities, we made a case for the increasing significance of climate change in the urban politics of sustainability. Taking a multilevel governance perspective,Expand
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Rethinking Sustainable Cities: Multilevel Governance and the 'Urban' Politics of Climate Change
While sustainable cities have been promoted as a desirable goal within a variety of policy contexts, critical questions concerning the extent to which cities and local governments can address theExpand
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Cities and the Multilevel Governance of Global Climate Change
We explore how the Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) program, a network that is simultaneously global and local, state and nonstate, could be conceptualized as part of global environmentalExpand
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NGO diplomacy : the influence of nongovernmental organizations in international environmental negotiations
Over the past thirty years nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have played an increasingly influential role in international negotiations, particularly on environmental issues. NGO diplomacy hasExpand
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Looking Back and Thinking Ahead: A Decade of Cities and Climate Change Research
To many observers of climate change politics, 1997 was an important milestone because of the completion of the Kyoto Protocol negotiations. With considerably less fanfare, 1997 was also the year in...
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NGO Influence in International Environmental Negotiations: A Framework for Analysis
Current literature on global environmental politics largely considers NGO influence implicit and unproblematic. Responding to several weaknesses in the literature, we propose a coherent researchExpand
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