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The history of the laser
Introduction,The wave and corpuscular theories of light, Spectroscopy,Black body radiation,The Rutherford-Bohr atom, Einstein,Einstein and light: the photoelectric effect and stimulatedExpand
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Effects of acute changes of bile acid pool composition on biliary lipid secretion.
To elucidate the mechanism responsible for the bile acid-induced changes of biliary lipid secretion, we evaluated bile flow and biliary output of bile acids, cholesterol, phospholipids, and alkalineExpand
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Dispersive properties of finite, one-dimensional photonic band gap structures: applications to nonlinear quadratic interactions.
We discuss the linear dispersive properties of finite one-dimensional photonic band-gap structures. We introduce the concept of a complex effective index for structures of finite length, derived fromExpand
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IV Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Planar Structures
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the nonlinear wave propagation in planar structures. The two categories of integrated all-optical devices can be anticipated on the basis of the nonlinearExpand
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Photonic band edge effects in finite structures and applications to chi 2 interactions.
Using the concept of an effective medium, we derive coupled mode equations for nonlinear quadratic interactions in photonic band gap structures of finite length. The resulting equations reveal theExpand
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Nanotechnology of transparent metals for radio frequency electromagnetic shielding
The aim of this paper is to present an innovative one-dimensional photonic bandgap structure on plastic substrate, for electromagnetic field shielding applications in the radio frequency range. AExpand
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Temperature dependence of the refractive index in semiconductors
The temperature coefficients of the refractive indices of Ge, Si, InAs, GaAs, InP, GaP, CdSe, ZnSe, and ZnS are measured by a prism technique in spectral ranges of up to λ = 12 μm at 15–35°C.Expand
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Nonlinear waves in solid state physics
This book is based on the contributions to the 17th International School of Materials Sci ence and Technology, entitled Nonlinear Waves in Solid State Physics. This was held as a NATO Advanced StudyExpand
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Measurement of the electro-optic properties of poled polymers at λ=1.55 μm by means of sandwich structures with zinc oxide transparent electrode
We report on the measurement of the electro-optic properties of poled polymers at λ=1.55 μm via the Teng and Man technique. Measurements of the electro-optic coefficient obtained for two differentExpand
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