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MITOS: improved de novo metazoan mitochondrial genome annotation.
About 2000 completely sequenced mitochondrial genomes are available from the NCBI RefSeq data base together with manually curated annotations of their protein-coding genes, rRNAs, and tRNAs. ThisExpand
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CREx: inferring genomic rearrangements based on common intervals
SUMMARY We present the web-based program CREx for heuristically determining pairwise rearrangement events in unichromosomal genomes. Expand
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Partnerships for Demolition: The Governance of Urban Renewal in East Germany's Shrinking Cities
Recent discussions of urban governance have emphasized a trend towards the 'entrepreneurialization' of local politics. This model has been intensively discussed and well documented. However, althoughExpand
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Genetic aspects of mitochondrial genome evolution.
Many years of extensive studies of metazoan mitochondrial genomes have established differences in gene arrangements and genetic codes as valuable phylogenetic markers. Understanding the underlyingExpand
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A comprehensive analysis of bilaterian mitochondrial genomes and phylogeny.
About 2800 mitochondrial genomes of Metazoa are present in NCBI RefSeq today, two thirds belonging to vertebrates. Metazoan phylogeny was recently challenged by large scale EST approachesExpand
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Varieties of shrinkage in European cities
The issue of urban shrinkage has become the new ‘normal’ across Europe: a large number of urban areas find themselves amongst the cities losing population. According to recent studies, almost 42 perExpand
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Conceptualizing Urban Shrinkage
Since the second half of the 20th century, urban shrinkage has become a common pathway of transformation for many large cities across the globe. Although the appearance of shrinkage is fairlyExpand
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Improved systematic tRNA gene annotation allows new insights into the evolution of mitochondrial tRNA structures and into the mechanisms of mitochondrial genome rearrangements
Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are present in all types of cells as well as in organelles. tRNAs of animal mitochondria show a low level of primary sequence conservation and exhibit ‘bizarre’ secondaryExpand
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Evolution of mitochondrial gene orders in echinoderms.
A comprehensive analysis of the mitochondrial gene orders of all previously published and two novel Antedon mediterranea (Crinoidea) and Ophiura albida (Ophiuroidea) complete echinoderm mitochondrialExpand
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How does(n't) Urban Shrinkage get onto the Agenda? Experiences from Leipzig, Liverpool, Genoa and Bytom
This article discusses the question of how urban shrinkage gets onto the agenda of public-policy agencies. It is based on a comparison of the agenda-setting histories of four European cities,Expand
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