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L‐band sea surface emissivity: Preliminary results of the WISE‐2000 campaign and its application to salinity retrieval in the SMOS mission
[1] Soil moisture and ocean salinity at surface level can be measured by passive microwave remote sensing at L-band. To provide global coverage data of soil moisture and ocean salinity with three-dayExpand
Do firms require an efficient innovation system to develop innovative technological capabilities? Empirical evidence from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
The paper compares groups of firms with different capabilities in Bangkok (Thailand), Penang (Malaysia) and Singapore. Expand
Particle identification studies with a full-size 4-GEM prototype for the ALICE TPC upgrade
A large Time Projection Chamber is the main device for tracking and charged-particle identification in the ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC. After the second long shutdown in 2019/20, the LHC willExpand
Scatter correction using a primary modulator on a clinical angiography C‐arm CT system
Purpose Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) suffers from a large amount of scatter, resulting in severe scatter artifacts in the reconstructions. Recently, a new scatter correction approach, calledExpand
Expeditious synthesis of polyacetylenic water hemlock toxins and their effects on the major GABAA receptor isoform.
Classical synthetic approaches to highly unsaturated polyene/yne natural products rely on iterative cross-coupling of linear fragments. Herein, we present an expeditious and unified approach to theExpand
Bridge to real data: Empirical multiple material calibration for learning-based material decomposition
We proposed an empirical multi-material calibration pipeline for learning-based material decomposition. Expand
Toward a Structural View of hERG Activation by the Small-Molecule Activator ICA-105574
A 3-Nitro-n-(4-phenoxyphenyl) benzamide derivative activates hERG1 by strongly attenuating pore-type inactivation, and this action requires a fine-tuned compound geometry. Expand
A Large GEM-TPC Prototype Detector for anda
Abstract The PANDA spectrometer will be a state of the art universal detector for strong interaction studies at the High-Energy Storage Ring (HESR) in the future international Facility forExpand
Search for a Kaonic Nuclear Bound State at FOPI(Hadrons in Nuclei,New Frontiers in QCD 2010-Exotic Hadron Systems and Dense Matter-)
We search for the most basic kaonic nuclear state, K−pp, by studying an exclusive p + p → p + Λ + K process at Tp = 3.1 GeV using FOPI apparatus at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany. A possible signature ofExpand