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The dynamics of international migration and settlement in Europe. A state of the Art
Table of Contents - 6[-]1. Introduction - 8[-]2. International Migration and Its Regulation - 20[-]3. Migration and Development: Causes and Consequences - 42[-]4. Migrants' Citizenship: Legal Status,
Political integration by a detour? ethnic communities and social capital of migrants in Berlin
This article investigates the impact of associational participation of migrants on their political integration in Berlin. Using survey data, we focus on the individual level to see whether migrants
The challenge of measuring immigrant origin and immigration-related ethnicity in Europe
Different European nation-states use the most diverse statistical constructions of foreign origin or ethnic minority populations. Several countries traditionally even shun from producing such data.
Relaciones bilaterales China y Colombia: 1990-2010
El proposito de este articulo es examinar las relaciones bilaterales entre la Republica Popular China y Colombia durante la decada de los noventa y la primera de los anos 2000. La mayoria de los
Bilateral Relations between China and Colombia: 1990-2010
This article examines the bilateral relations between the People’s Republic of China and Colombia during the 90s and the 00s. Most academic analyses focused on the commercial and financial